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Yingying in China - Day 25: Business trip recap

Publicerad 2012-07-10 09:25:03 i YingYing in China

Hello again! It's been a while - work has simply been too hectic lately. Last weekend I accompanied our MD Assistant Mikaela to Ningbo and joined a Leader's Meeting, where I also arranged individual interviews with some of our most prominent Leaders. Here's a recap of our eventful day:
We took the express train to Ningbo which took around three hours. Thank God for air-conditioned first-class carriages!
The view from our window was spectacular; luscious hills, green crops and blank lakes
 As we approached civilization, we saw many constriction sites
It was a lovely day but hot as hell, so we nearly fainted when we got off the train. Two of our Leaders picked us up in a shiny BMW and drove us around town for a while.  
The Leader's Meeting was hosted in a downtown hotel, and consisted of new product presentations and inspiring speeches from our new Leaders.
On the way home after the meeting, Mikaela and I even had time for some sight-seeing!
One taxi ride later and we were back at the train station with an hour and a half to departure - leaving plenty of room to eat McFlurry's and chitchat. We finally got back to Shanghai around 10 pm, exhausted but content. My personal interviews resulted in some surprising insights, which have been very useful for my summer project. Thank you for this excellent weekend, Oriflame!
Next time, I'll show you what it looks like when me and my colleagues hit the bars for a Ladies Night. Stay tuned!

Anna in Russia - Day 20: Welcome to the Moscow Office!

Publicerad 2012-07-02 22:09:00 i Anna in Russia

Dear Oriflame readers,
It's been three weeks since I joined the Oriflame team in Moscow, yet I haven't shown you around. Let's take a walk around the office :)
The emphasis on the international perspective of the company can be seen from the different clocks - CIS & Baltis is undoubtedly a huge region, with only Russia covering 9 time zones (!). This definitely needs to be taken into account, when communicating with our regional colleagues.  
The office is very bright and the only "strict" policy around here is the open door policy :) every employee is always welcome to stop by and discuss ideas, ask questions no matter if he or she is the Head of the region or a summer intern, like me. So as you can see, Oriflame applies transparency not only in its operations, but also in every aspect of its business.
Another significant aspect the modern business is following is the eco-paradigm, that has changed the way commerce is conducted around the world. As an environmentally responsible and committed company, Oriflame applies this in its policies and obviously its product lines - eco beauty. Here's a creative way we remind ourselves that a beautiful planet is our responsibility.
Next time I'll show you the part of the corporate office in Moscow, where our main partners create their business networks and realize their dreams - namely the service centre and the training area of our consultants and leaders. Stay tuned and you'll find out who the top leaders of Oriflame are :)


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