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Anna in Russia - Last day - До свидания, Москва! <3

Publicerad 2012-09-06 23:04:34 i Anna in Russia

Well my dearest readers,
As amazing as this summer was the day has come to say my goodbyes to the Moscow office, my dear colleagues and the Charity project that has stolen my heart! <3 This summer internship has been everything, but boring - it has been challenging, multifaceted, exciting... it has sometimes made me get up way too early and go to bed after midnight, but I loved every moment of it! 
And as I stood in front of the Regional Senior Management with the results of my charity activities' analysis, emphasizing strategic challenges and suggesting possible solutions, I felt happy and satisfied with the job I have done. And for that I want to thank all the wonderful Oriflamers, who have helped me reach my goal and deliver a coherent strategic charity plan for the CIS & Baltics region. It's been a true pleasure to be a part of such a friendly and positive family :) 

I will definitely miss my team.. 
On the platform, ready to leave Moscow on an express train to Riga, I knew that this wouldn't be my last time at Oriflame :) very soon I reunited with my great friends in Stockholm on the Gold Conference 2012... What a feeling to be celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Oriflame with it's CEO, Founders, 5 000 consultants, Roxette, Demi Moore and Loreen... But a picture's better than a 1000 words, take a look for yourself :)

Yet for now it's a massive THANK YOU Oriflame and everyone who helped me make my dream come true.. the sweet charity mug is now my true friend and companion while I am on a CEMS exchange semester in Vienna, Austria...
but let me share a little secret with you... You'll probably be hearing and seeing more of me in Oriflame, because another dream of a summer intern has come true.. I have been offered the opportunity to continue my project in Moscow :))) a truly splendid ending of a summer internship and an amazing start of a new life journey :)
I wish you all the best of luck and never give up on your dreams! Always strive for the stars, always dare yourself! 
Truly yours,


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