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#15 Photoshoot with The One

Publicerad 2016-07-13 05:06:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Yesterday I went with Robin, Justine and Yolanna downstairs to get some photos of Oriflame's "The One" makeup collection. Spending most of my time in the office, where we have airconditioning (Thank God), the contrast from the outside is just unbearable. The past days have been really hot and humid. At this point I am no longer sweating, instead, my body is steaming. Anyway, even with the hot weather it was fun to help out in the photoshoot. We had some flowers as decoration and the pictures turned out really good. They are all really talented and good at what they are doing, I was quite impressed!
Quite fun to take part in a photoshoot session, so much work behind every little post they publish
Pictures turned out really well (this one is taken with a phone camera though)
Robin, our talented Digital planner and photographer
After work I met up with Ning for a free Salsa trial, none of us had ever tried Salsa before. It was actually quite fun and I really liked the teacher. He was funny, but very firm and honest. I think it is always better to have a teacher be very direct in their feedback, that way you know what you should improve and how. Afterwards Ning and I went to have some Korean desert, the exact one that I had last week, I just cannot get enough of it, plus Ning had not tried it yet. We ended up eating something called 凉皮(liangpi), which is a cold noodle dish from Shanxi. One of my favorites, although I have realized that I have quite a few favorites...
Have a nice day everybody!


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