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Day 8 in Tunisia - Working day and to Ariana - now to Medina!

Publicerad 2016-06-24 09:55:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
It's 9 PM here and I just finished the biggeeeeest meal I have had so far in Tunis. I am in another part of Tunis, Ariana, at Safa's boyfriend's, Rami's, house. He and his mother just cooked us a super delicious Tunisian/Persian dinner and now we're going to walk around in Medina, the old city here in Tunis. Gotta be great to move after such a meal!
I really like that people are so welcoming and hospital in warmer countries. It is the same in the other countries I've lived, Russia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. I'm really proud of that Sweden is such a welcoming country in many, many ways, but when it's come to really taking care of people, showing them around and inviting them to our homes, I think we could do way better! Something I always try to think about when I'm with all my international friends in Sweden, who mainly have come to our country to study.
This day has been great so far - I was having really informative and interesting meetings with Marc (Head of Sales (Marc), about the communication with Siwar (website), been shown around in the warehouse (people, who are called consultants because they are also advising people on the products, come to Oriflame to pay for their products, which they later sell to other people through catalogue) and in the morning I had a 1,5 h overview of the financial perspective of Oriflame in Tunisia.
I actually feel quite spoiled, as it all interests me and the employees are taking their time from work to actually educate me. I am completely alone with them and can ask them all the questions I want - it felt a bit like I was getting private lessons in all different fields that interest me (direct selling, for example) today!
Another thing, of all that I like, here in Tunisia is that people have cars and that it is warm and plenty of things to do in the evening - even though it's Ramadan! I don't want to be very negative on Sweden now, but I can tell you that Tunis is more alive in the evenings/nights than Stockholm is 2 AM on a Saturday. A lot of places to take coffees at and apparently you have more to choose from than only McDonald's and some kebab place when you are out having fun here.
I have had so many misinterpretations about Tunisia, it's people and the life here, that I really wanted to share some with you guys. I feel that people are having more fun here and enjoy life more than we do in Sweden - but of course, maybe I'm just lucky with all the people I met.
Now we're off to walk around in Medina! See you later!


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