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1. First work week

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I hope all of you will enjoy taking part of my time as a summer intern for Oriflame in Moscow. I will share both work and spare-time activities to give you true insight of what it’s like to an internship in such an exciting place as summer-time Moscow.

Flight in

I have already finished my first workweek with lots of exciting activities, so I’ll give you a recap of what’s happened since my arrival. I flew in Sunday afternoon to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. Debora, one of our great administrators had a taxi waiting for me. The driver was already briefed on everything and took me straight to the apartment where I am staying. It was great, that everything went so smoothly and the clock was only around 18 pm when I arrived at the apartment. I was a bit tired after finish my last exam on Friday, moving out from my apartment in Uppsala on Saturday and flying to Moscow on Sunday, so took an early evening after going out to get a new cellphone number. However, before I went to bed I reflected on how fast time flew by and that it felt somewhat strange but good to be back in Moscow for work again.

First day at work

Monday morning, I woke up at 8 am excited about my first day at work. After finishing my morning routine I took the metro from the station Belorusskaya (close to the apartment) to Sportivnaya, where Oriflame’s regional head office is located. When I arrived to the office, I bumped into Linda, who leads the Brand and Communication department here. She greeted me, introduced me to some nice colleagues and showed me the way to the 4th floor, where I have my desk. There I met Olga, who I report to. She is a Global Business Leader and has already been here for some years now (Don’t worry there will be a more thorough introduction of her). Olga took me on a tour through the facilities and helped me get a hold of a computer. The rest of the time before lunch was spent on getting more acquainted with Oriflame’s business model.

Olga, Nastya and I at lunch in the office cafeteria. Yes, it's Stockholm on the wallpaper. :)

After lunch it was time to kick-off the communications project I will spend most of my time working on together with everyone involved in it. It’s always nice to hit the ground running! The project is basically about coming up with new strategies for the different communication channels, which are in use here. My main responsibility is related to the external-analysis part and involves mapping communication trends and coming up with input, that the channel managers will use in the strategy-crafting stage. The rest of the afternoon flew by and in the evening, I went out with Olga, some other colleagues and expats for dinner at Mos, a Scandinavian restaurant. Funny thing, that the first dinner out would be food with such a high recognition factor.

I went to bed around 12 pm and Moscow already felt like home again.

Second day at a photoshoot

The second day I met Olga in the morning at a photostudio in a former industrial area close to metro station Elektrozavodskaya. We were to spend the day at a photoshoot for an upcoming journal, that Oriflame produces every quarter. It was a great chance to see all the work behind all beautiful pictures, which are so vital in the beauty business! It was real Oriflame consultants modelling that day and I think it is great that those so important to the business get featured in the marketing material. When things had settled down me and Olga sat down and planned my tasks for the rest of the week before calling it a day.

Me and the Oriflame-team at the photoshoot.

The rest of the week flew by when I dug into some research at office. The week has been a great start to the internship. I feel like I have great and supportive colleagues, meaningful work, in a fun business, in an awesome city. It can't get better than that. :)


Min profilbild

On this blog you can follow some of the Oriflame Global Summer Interns who have been selected for their passion, creativity and energy to complete exciting strategic projects in one of our locations around the world. This summer we will follow Emilia Bryngelsson, who is doing her summer internship in Istanbul and Anton Ekman who will be working in Moscow. Feel Inspired? Do you want to dare yourself and take the leap out in the Oriflame world ? Be on the lookout on our corporate site when applications for Global Summer Internship 2018 opens up in December!

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