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3. 15 000 Oriflame-consultants at Megaforum!

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Hello everybody!

This Saturday it was time for Megaforum. Megaforum is an event that is arranged regularly to celebrate and reward Oriflame consultants for their success. This time it was held at the Olimpiyskiy Arena in Moscow and 15 000 consultants gathered together with Oriflame management and employees to perform this grandeur event! It was a day of motivational speeches, success stories, music and introduction to new initiatives and products followed by fun and relaxation at one of Moscow’s most famous night clubs. I was blown away by the magnitude and professional execution of the event. My initial reaction was that this is like the Eurovision Song Contest Final but with better content.

The Olimpiskiy Arena. It was impossible to cover all of it in one photo.

Megaforum on Olimpiyskiy

I arrived to the arena at 11:45. At first sight I found it quite unbelievable that such a large arena was needed for a corporate event. The Olimpiyskiy Arena is one of Europe’s largest arenas with closed roof. I walked in and took my seat in the section for Oriflame employees. A had view over the whole arena and the stage and everything and could see all the people streaming through the doors.

Magnus is speaking.

The atmosphere was booming when the event started at 12:00 and the crowd cheered. After that the whole schedule followed. Members of group and senior management were treated like rockstars, when they held their speeches. Magnus, the CEO himself was there and all the consultants went crazy. Successful consultants received awards on stage with glitter and glamour. Some of the consultants shared their stories and how they their experiences with Oriflame transformed their lives. Even a famous Russo-Ukrainian pop group performed with some of their hits. Their English name is The Virgins but in Russian it’s literally VIA GRA. :)


The Megaforum finished a bit after 18:00 and was left deeply impressed by the whole thing. The atmosphere pulled you in to the Oriflame-culture and sense of connection between everyone there. No matter how interesting it was the whole six hours, it was about time to get some food.

Afterpart at Jagger Bar

An afterparty was arranged at Jagger Bar, which is a popular open-roof bar in Moscow. We were lucky with the weather! About 600 selected consultants relaxed and had a good-time with Oriflame management and employees. The consultants had to participate in a competition on Instagram, where they put out a thematic picture to win a ticket for the afterparty. I went straight from the arena to Jagger Bar and met up with my girlfriend Lolita outside the bar.

Finally some food.

 Me and Lolita posing for the cameras
 Magnus and the other big shots came to the party

It was fun to relax, dance and have fun with colleagues, consultants and management. It also great to see members of group management hanging out with the grass roots of the business. I think that’s a great thing to do. However, sometime after midnight it was time for me and Lolita to make our way home. A day of so many impressions. I am so glad I have the opportunity to experience all this. :)

My Iphone 5 doesn’t do justice to everything pictured but take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7D6p7kMR-4 for a livestream of the Megaforum-event.


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