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Fanny in Bangkok: Week 10

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Dear all,
Never could I imagine that 10 weeks could pass by so quickly. My time here has come to an end and it is with a bittersweet mood I tell you that this is my last day at Oriflame Bangkok. These 10 weeks have been indescribable; by far one of the best experiences I have had so far!
My project has received great feedback and I am really proud of my achievements. These 10 weeks have not only given me invaluable experiences and professional development, but also an incredible personal development. Starting your career after university graduation is already a big step, but doing so in a dynamic company in a foreign country, is a winning concept! I have learned so much during my time here, and am looking forward to learning more.
To all of you out there, if you are considering applying for an internship here – stop hesitating and apply now! I promise you, you will never regret it! I am so grateful for this opportunity and for everything this internship implied.
I hope this blog has been a source of inspiration, or at least information. This journey has been incredible and I have always dreaded this moment, having to say goodbye, so I decided I won’t do that. I will only be taking a short break and hopefully, we will see each other soon!

Fanny in Bangkok: Week 9

Publicerad 2013-10-18 06:54:00 i Allmänt

Time goes by quickly when you are having fun, and as a matter of fact these two months have been the shortest ones ever! That is how fantastic this internship has been and I can’t believe that next week will be my last one here.

I have been planning and going through my 190-pages long workshop over and over again (now I am completely fed up with my own voice). Unfortunately, I will not be able to hold the workshop for a big group of people, due to the fact that we are having our targeting next week – bad timing! However, I will be holding the workshop for our copywriters, which I’m so excited about!

The tone of voice manual is now finalized and will be sent to Global in Stockholm for feedback and approval. This workshop is basically based on the manual, but much more interactive and I am very excited to hold my first workshop!

I’ve realized that all my posts have been focusing on my project and somehow I have left out all the fun I have had on my spare time! My internship here in Bangkok has been incredible, not only because my beloved project, but also because of this wonderful city and all those amazing friends I have met!

I will now list my top 5 adventures during my 9 weeks here:

1. A weekend trip to Thailand’s National Park ‘Khao Yai” together with Petra (a colleague who has become one of my closest friends). We spent the weekend together at a trekking tour in the jungle, watching wild elephants and monkeys!

2. A one-day “floating market-biking tour”, where me and my friend Lovisa visited Thailand’s biggest floating market Damnoen Saduak and then biked 35 kilometers in a city outside Bangkok, through pomelo, lychee and coconut plantations.

3. My one-day business trip together with the Managing Director for Thailand to Chiang Mai for a recruiting event at a Thai University. It was so inspiring to meet our dedicated Area Managers and our enthusiastic Leaders!

4. My first wake-boarding experience, which was one of the coolest sports I have ever tried! Surfing on water, by being pulled by a cable (the majority of the time you would succeed in surfing 5 meters and then splashing heavily into the water) was a one of a kind experience! Most of the time, me and Petra was laughing at each other’s glamorous wathersplashes, while our wakeboarding-pro colleague Desiree did all the cool tricks you could imagine on the ramp.

5. Lazy Sundays spent on shopping at Siam Paragon, cinema at Emporium, classic Thai massage at Sarinya and ‘oh-so-relaxing’ tea time at TWG.

Hope you got a more inspiring picture of what Bangkok has to offer, except for a great internship at Oriflame!
Me and Petra at the National Park
Wild Elephant
Little monkey begging for sweets
Floating Market
During biking trip
Flight to Chiang Mai
Presentation at University
Wakeboarding and a double rainbow
Enjoying my afternoon tea and macarons

Fanny in Bangkok - Week 7

Publicerad 2013-10-01 10:22:00 i Allmänt

Dear readers,

Sorry for leaving you for such a long time! I guess you already know what the reason is, busy busy working on my project. However, I have some good news to tell you – the first draft of the manual is now finished! A 70-pages long Tone of Voice manual, providing guidelines on how to write all copies for Oriflame; my pride and joy with other words. Before finishing the manual, I got the opportunity to participate in several inspiring and resourceful workshops myself!

The first one was our regional Your Dreams – Our Inspiration Workshop, focusing on our new brand promise; what it signifies and how it should be implemented. We spend the whole day learning about branding, successful brand cases, Oriflame’s branding strategy etc. It was a fantastic workshop!

The other two were presented by our Creative Director and Catalogue Development Director from Global, and the emphasis was also put on our new promise. Which we all can conclude is a big happening here at Oriflame. These presentations and workshops provided me with not only useful information, but also inspiring ways of setting up my own workshop, which is the next step on my project.

The manual will be sent to the Global office for review this week and hopefully the final version will be implemented, not only at a regional basis, but globally. It is still hard to take in that as an intern, I was assigned such an important and significant project! This creates even more incitement to do the best I can. I could never imagine being assigned a project like this; interesting, fun and important.

And I haven’t even mentioned the workshop yet – that will be even more fun to work with! I am at the moment creating a full day workshop for everyone working with copies, and this workshop will be based on the Tone of Voice manual. So right now I am gathering both good and bad examples and cases to illustrate what an impact Tone of Voice has on branding.

I hope I gave you all a good explanation why I haven’t been so active on the blog, I’ll try my best to involve you more during the last month of this fantastic internship!
Our product assortment!

A diploma after the workshop!
At a event with the Sales-Team!


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