Oriflame Summer Internship

Day 14 in Tunisia - Staff Iftar

Publicerad 2016-06-30 13:02:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good day!
Yesterday proceeded au Ramadan-style from 9 AM - 4.30 PM at the office, working on my project. It's really nice with an open working space. My colleagues are very open, friendly and willing to answer all my different questions - which mainly have to do with the e-profile and customer service at the moment. It feels like a very relevant topic, and I learn a lot while researching more and getting a deeper understanding of the different challenges and solutions to problems.
It was quite hot yesterday, about 35 degrees, so thankful for that the air condition was working
After the office, I got home and rested a bit - as I wrote before I think I drank some bad water here, wasn't really feeling 100 % yesterday... Was thinking about forcing myself to go for a run before the dinner for the Oriflame staff later at 7 PM, but went to the beach in Sidi Bou Saïd and had an afternoon swim with a friend instead. I can totally live with this work/life-balance ;-)
Staff Iftar (something you celebrate after Ramadan) at Jonas' gorgeous villa in the evening
During the evening it was Staff Iftar (a feast you celebrate to finish the end of Ramadan) at Jonas' beautiful place and all of the staff except for one was there, some with their children, friends and spouses. Very nice to see everyone outside of the office, especially since I have my desk at the 3rd floor (Oriflame has a ground floor for cashiers, consultants, customer service and warehouse and the 2nd floor for the Sales Team, the 3rd floor management team among others) and don't see some of the staff a lot.
Safa and Jonas - MD & Management Assistant and MD - both of them great!
A majority of Oriflame Tunisia's Management Team! Beautiful and friendly women and colleagues.
Safa has really become a really good friend and colleague here - can't imagine Tunisia without her!
After the dinner, which was delicious au Tunisian style, there was some dancing, photographing, fruits and dessert. Jonas is unfortunately leaving on vacation tomorrow, and so the flowers shouldn't go to waste, me and Safa both got a big bouquet of beautiful flowers with us home. A great evening, which ended with a nice night walk in Sidi Bou Saïd for me and Safa.
Hope you all had just as a great day and are enjoying the last days of June! (Where did this month go??!)

Day 13 in Tunisia - Long day at the office

Publicerad 2016-06-30 10:50:00 i Denise in Tunisia

New week and it defnitely feels like a new era has started here, which is both good and worse. This super excited feeling I had when I just got here has calmed down a bit, and I'm now embracing the fact that I know what to do, where to go and how life is here more. I know my colleagues better and I feel and act more relaxed. I take my everyday runs, I eat more or less the same food that I like and don't get as amazed by the spectacular views, beaches and landscapes here as I did the first week, so I have to photo capture completely everything. Welcome to everyday life!
Today has been a long day at the office working with my project. Most people left around 4 PM (Ramadan), but I decided to stay a bit longer to feel more or less satisfied when I left - you can always do more, right?! ;-)
Went to the small supermarket where I live and bought my ordinary lemon juice, talked to the guy who usually stands where I buy my juice and actually met a friend's friend in the store (first signs of that you're start to being a local, right?) and then met up with another friend later. Felt quite tired today actually, I think I unfortunately drank some bad water yesterday, so didn't go for a run for the first time ever. Met up with a friend later and had was driving around and having a walk in Sidi Bou Saïd. 
Soon sunset after work at one of my favorite places!
There are plenty of cats everywhere here - feels like I'm in heaven
Around 7.20 PM before everybody hurries home and start to eat!
I hope I'll feel better tomorrow - first day that I didn't work out here actually... feels a little bit lazy ;-)
Hope you all had a great day! 

#9 Life at the office

Publicerad 2016-06-29 08:54:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

After two weeks here I really feel that I have gotten used the way of life here in Shanghai. Time is really flying by and I feel like august is getting closer faster and faster for each day. I am really enjoying working here and I always look forward to meeting everybody in the morning. There are a lot people that i have yet to introduce to the blog. Being here has also done great things to my chinese. Even if I have considered myself to be rather fluent in Chinese, I have so much still to learn. Everyday here is like a chinese lesson for me, I learn business related words as well as everyday slang. There are a lot of abbreviations and quotes in the everyday language and there are new ones created all the time. 
Right now I am working on my induvidual project as well as with the online marketing team. There is a lot of excting new things coming and it is a lot of fun be part of making it happen. My own project requires looking at a lot of statistics, even if it is very interesting to analyze, it is quite a relief to be able to sit back for a while and do something else than looking at numbers. 
Tomorrow Marcus is going back to the Stockholm office. He has been working closely with the online marketing team, which is where I sit. It has been fun to have a swede here at the office to talk to sometimes and I will definitely miss discussing chinese food and culture from a swedish point of view. Apart from talking swedish, it is also a pity because I probably will not eat any indian food for lunch anymore, since he is one of the few ones that eats it here. The office will miss you, Marcus! 
Marcus, Justine and I at Marcus' favorite indian restaurant here in Shanghai. I do not eat indian food in Stockholm, but I think I might start because it is absolutely delicious! 
All the best

#8 Photo bomb!

Publicerad 2016-06-29 05:19:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Good morning!
Weekend has gone by very fast, it is already wednesday now. I have been here for exactly two weeks and it feels like time is just flying by. The weekend has been quite eventful and I finally got to do some sightseeing around the city, mainly French concession but also other districts. On saturday I also treated myself with a nice massage, the prices (compared to Stockholm) are really reasonable. I paid 308 rmb for my 90-minute session which in Sweden would cost at least 1000 sek, guess who's going back again? Saturday evening I went to a night club with a group of people, both old and new people. Clubbing in Shanghai is a must, extravagant, but so much fun! 
I spent my saturday walking around French concession, such a nice and cozy district
The houses were so beautiful. East meets west
I think allies like this is part of the reason why French concession is a very popular district among expats 
The metro is a great way to get around Shanghai
So many metro lines... compare this to Stockholm's three lines 
Sunday was quite a chill day, my sister and I went to wash our hair at the hair salon I wrote about in an earlier post. The workers there are a lot of fun and to them we are very exciting, both because we are from Sweden and also because we are so tall. We took a picture with them after which you can see below. The evening was spent in XinTianDi, an area with a lot of western influences. The building are very modern and there are a lot of european style bars, especially bavarian ones. They really went all in Bavarian with the dirndl and lederhosen, quite fun to see.

My handpicked team of hair stylists haha. They are really funny so I think that they earned a place on the blog 
Sunday evening my sister and I went to XinTianDi, an area with a lot of "western" influences 
We walked around bars and restaurants, a lot of German bars there 
Modern buildings in XinTianDi 
Tuesday evening I went to eat korean BBQ with some friends I met last week. Daleem is korean so she knew a good place for good korean food. We had meat of course, but also a lot of other small dishes such as Pajeon, a seafood pancake which I have craved ever since I ate it in Seoul a year ago. This one was not as good as the one in Seoul, but still very tasty. 
Went with a few friends to a Korean restaurant in Pudong. Forgot to take pictures of all of them since they were a bit late so here is one of Daleem from Korea. 
All the best! 

Day 12 in Tunisia - Project gets started

Publicerad 2016-06-28 00:04:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Hi all!
It's 10.46 PM in Tunis and I'm sitting and updating this blog and studying some Tunisian Arabic. I will start my lessons this week, but study Arabic (no Tunisian dialect) why I thought it would be good to get started with the Tunisian dialect as well, which is quite different from traditional Arabic in certain ways. After a couple of days of vacation and then the intro week last week, it feels exciting to finally start with my project at Oriflame and to focus more on work/studies.
I am really glad I got to have a soft start when I got here, and hopefully I will do an even better job now working on my project - when I both understand Oriflame and the business in Tunisia more, and don't have to focus on basic things such as where to buy my food etc..
My project is focused on mainly Customer Service, and I have been given certain questions that need to be answered and analyzed. I will work very independently, with weekly guiding from the management team, which will be an interesting challenge for me, but I feel excited and determined to take on. I will present my analysis in the beginning of August, and will get more tasks if I finish earlier with the one I got today - I am aiming to fulfill it way before deadline ;-)
Some pictures from yesterday:
Got to know a cabin crew group from Qatar Airways yesterday, with whom I had dinner with at this restaurant in Sidi Bou Saïd. The pilot (to the left) told me he has been to more than 100 countries! #lifegoals
Now I'm super tired and will soon go to bed. This week I will focus on getting as much as possible done with the project, and probably spend longer days at the office. Time to get to work! Talked to many of my friends who are having internship at banks in London, and it's the same thing there - last week was intro week, now time to deliver.
Sweet dreams!

Day 10 & 11 in Tunisia - Nabeul and relaxed Sunday

Publicerad 2016-06-27 23:42:00 i Denise in Tunisia

During the Saturday I went with Safa, Rami and Rami's mother to Safa's house in a city called Nabeul, about 1,5 hour away from Tunis. I haven't eaten so much food for at least over one year! Since I am doing a bit of "Ramadan light" (often not eating in the day, just drinking, before 7.40 PM), I was super hungry. Safa's whole family was there; brothers, sisters, nieces, parents... Before we could start eating a bell rang, and then it was constant eating for one hour.
Amazing colors, apparently typical Tunisian
Safa's mother had been cooking for hours before we came. She then changed the spoon I was eating with, because she thought I should have the nicest one. True hospitality!
Safa's three brothers and Rami and me
 Dinner ready!
After the dinner it was first fruit as dessert, then Tunisian dessert (Tunisian cakes with coffee) and finally... this. The final (!) dessert made by 99% sugar.
In the evening we girls/women took a walk in Nabeul center, which was crowded around 11 PM. I don't know if I have ever been so full in my entire life, and it was hard to keep my eyes open in the car on our way back to Tunis later...
Yesterday, Sunday, was a complete relax day. I slept long, went for a run in the morning, went swimming, Skyped with my parents and went for dinner in the evening. Took care of things that needed to be taken care of and prepared for Monday.
Overall - a great weekend in Tunis! Can't believe I've only been here for 11 days - it feels way longer.

Day 9 in Tunisia - Medina, catalogue release in Sousse and Swedish Midsummer

Publicerad 2016-06-27 11:41:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Hi all!
Sorry for bad update, this weekend has been way too eventful and interesting to have time to document, unfortuntately - why it's going to be a really good update now instead! Yeay!
During Thursday evening me, Safa and Rami went to Medina, the old town, with their friends. It was really interesting for me to see more Tunisians outside of Sidi Bou Saïd, which I have understood is a better area (or "the best", according to many Tunisians, mainly from Sidi Bou Saïd ;-)). Some women/girls covered their hair and some not. It was a friendly atmosphere and a lot of (in comparison to Stockholm) policemen everywhere, which made it feel even safer.
So, on Friday I went to Sousse with some colleagues at the office, which is a city by the coast about 1,5 h from Tunis. When Oriflame releases new catalogues, organized catalogue releases in different cities (at a nice hotel, as this one for example) is a great way to both promote the new products and to let the consultants learn more about them, ask questions and feel like a "part" of Oriflame.
We left the office in Tunis 9 AM and the catalogue release started around 11.30 PM. Because of Ramadan there were quite few consultants  there (the people who sell Oriflame products are called consultants, because they are also advising people on beauty products and makeup. Oriflame Tunisia organizes several education opportunities in the office building, to educate the consultants from everything on how to use certain makeup to how to use SPA products). Although, I would say it was a certain atmosphere there, and I realized that these women seemed to be very excited about Oriflame and the products, and I really saw the entrepreneurial spirit personalized.
A lot of consultants wanted to take photos with especially Jonas, who seemed to be a bit of a celebrity there. On the photo: Emira (Head of Marketing), a consultant who won a goodie bag during a small competition arranged, Marc (Head of Sales) and Jonas, Managing Director at Oriflame, B-celebrity in Tunisia ;-)
We came back to Tunis around 4.30 PM and then it was almost directly time for a private hosted Midsummer Party. There are just a couple of Swedes in Tunis and the person hosting was actually Norwegian, but everyone seemed very happy to celebrate Swedish Midsummer anyway! Nils, the host, lived in a beautiful villa by the ocean in La Marsa, nice to have a Midsummer with great weather for once - even though many of you claimed that the weather was "actually quite good" in Sweden, I saw your photos and Snapchats... 
Me and Selma, a Swedish girl living in Tunis with her Tunisian husband, whose cozy place I was at dinner at on Tuesday - a completely rain free Midsummer!
After the Midsummer Party I had a coffee with some new friends here in Sidi Bou Saïd. Two of them were working in the U.S. and the other in Germany and the others studying/working in Tunis. It's really sad to hear how young, well-educated people feel that they want/need to leave Tunisia to be able to earn money and provide for their future. Since the revolution when the ex-preisdent left in 2011, things have become both worse and better, as always when things like that occur.
There was a terror attack in Sousse one year ago, where the terrorist killed around 50 tourists during Ramadan - a great way to kill the tourism to the country and make people afraid. As we all have seen during the latest months, things like this can happen anywhere in the world, and from what I have experienced so far, Tunisia isn't at all the dangerous unsafe country that the media choose to present.
Night walk in Sidi Bou Saïd, sitting and watching out over Tunis
So to conclude, you may understand that my everyday life here in Tunisia both is eventful in a professional way and outside of the office. I'm learning a lot of new, useful things for everyday that passes by, and I know that I'm very lucky. And to all of you who read this - visit Tunisia. People here love tourists and so far, I haven't met a single person who has been offensive to me in any way. Just the opposite.

#7 仲夏节快乐!Happy Midsummer!

Publicerad 2016-06-25 09:26:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Hope everybody's midsummer was good! It is saturday today and I am at the office writing this post because I left my laptop here. Yesterday was midsummer and I had such a great time! In China midsummer is not a holiday so it was a normal work day here in Shanghai. I had signed up for the annual midsummer party hosted by Swedish young professionals because it is midsummer, you know? The event was at Four Seasons hotel (run by a swede) and we were out on the terasse with a very nice view of the city. What surprised me was that there were so many attending, it must have been about 100 people there at least. Dinner consisted of traditional swedish foods, my favorite was the salmon of course, but everything else was really good as well. I met some people that I knew from before, but I also got to know a lot of people during the dinner, chinese as well as swedish. My sister is here visiting too, so she tagged along. According to the chinese people I talked to, who were representatives from a company that sponored the event, the swedes are much better at partying than norweigans, haha! Yesterday night was no exception and we all ended up having a good time dancing in a local night club here in Shanghai. 
Now I am heading out, tonight is a good bye party for a an american guy from last night, apparentely he and a bunch of swedes live just right by me, pretty great I think! 
Happy saturday!

Day 8 in Tunisia - Working day and to Ariana - now to Medina!

Publicerad 2016-06-24 09:55:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
It's 9 PM here and I just finished the biggeeeeest meal I have had so far in Tunis. I am in another part of Tunis, Ariana, at Safa's boyfriend's, Rami's, house. He and his mother just cooked us a super delicious Tunisian/Persian dinner and now we're going to walk around in Medina, the old city here in Tunis. Gotta be great to move after such a meal!
I really like that people are so welcoming and hospital in warmer countries. It is the same in the other countries I've lived, Russia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. I'm really proud of that Sweden is such a welcoming country in many, many ways, but when it's come to really taking care of people, showing them around and inviting them to our homes, I think we could do way better! Something I always try to think about when I'm with all my international friends in Sweden, who mainly have come to our country to study.
This day has been great so far - I was having really informative and interesting meetings with Marc (Head of Sales (Marc), about the communication with Siwar (website), been shown around in the warehouse (people, who are called consultants because they are also advising people on the products, come to Oriflame to pay for their products, which they later sell to other people through catalogue) and in the morning I had a 1,5 h overview of the financial perspective of Oriflame in Tunisia.
I actually feel quite spoiled, as it all interests me and the employees are taking their time from work to actually educate me. I am completely alone with them and can ask them all the questions I want - it felt a bit like I was getting private lessons in all different fields that interest me (direct selling, for example) today!
Another thing, of all that I like, here in Tunisia is that people have cars and that it is warm and plenty of things to do in the evening - even though it's Ramadan! I don't want to be very negative on Sweden now, but I can tell you that Tunis is more alive in the evenings/nights than Stockholm is 2 AM on a Saturday. A lot of places to take coffees at and apparently you have more to choose from than only McDonald's and some kebab place when you are out having fun here.
I have had so many misinterpretations about Tunisia, it's people and the life here, that I really wanted to share some with you guys. I feel that people are having more fun here and enjoy life more than we do in Sweden - but of course, maybe I'm just lucky with all the people I met.
Now we're off to walk around in Medina! See you later!

#6 So much food!

Publicerad 2016-06-23 04:34:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Good morning! 
It is 9 a.m in the morning in the morning here and I just got to the office. Terperature will be very high today which I could really feel on my way over here, at 9 a.m it already felt like a sauna outside. Today my sister will arrive in town and I will take her to eat some soup dumplings tonight. She is only staying for the weekend, but she will be able to attend the midsummer party arranged by Young Professionals Shanghai. It should be quite fun and what other better way to spend midsummer than with Swedes? 
The online marketing team! (Justine added some bling to the picture)  From top left: Yolanna, Justine, Me, Robin and Ansel. The little stuffed animal is called ”小欧“ or "Little O", cute right?
Jason, our Heaf of Operations. He has been with the company the longest and he is very funny! 
Yesterday I continued to work on my projects, there a lot of material to go through and HR will arrange for me to get an through introduction on all the different divisions here. Until then I will try to work out as many questions as possible so I can get as much information as possible to use in my projects. For lunch we had sushi, it was quite good and I ate a lot! Charlie, the IT manager, told us (foreigners) a lot about strange food in China and it reached a whole other level of weirdness as supposed to what I knew from before. China is truly one of a kind. 
A few of Oriflame's many products here in China 
And here also 
After I got off work, Yifang and I went to dinner at her favorite french bistro, owned by a french guy. We ordered duckleg confit, a meat and cheese platter and a glass of wine each. Itwas delicious, probably the best french bistro that I have been to outside of France. The total price for the whole dinner was 300 rmb each. Considering the amount of food and the quality, I think it was a bargain. We stayed at the bistro until quite late, but we had a lot to talk about because Yifang is just like me, a swede with a chinese background. She has worked here for about 7 years now and she is loving it. We discussed living in China, differences in culture, education etc. It was interesting to get her point of view and we had similar opinions about most things. 
That is enough at the moment, now I need to start working on my projects. :) 

Day 7 in Tunisia - Meetings and football

Publicerad 2016-06-23 02:06:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Bon soir le blog!
Today has been another great day in Tunis - at the office I got to attend a meeting between Oriflame and another company, which was very interesting. Always nice to see the different tone and how business works in different countries! I also got to meet with the Head of Operations, and Logistics manager today, which was also very insightful. I really appreciate that people are so welcoming and open at the office, very eager to share their experiences and take their time.
Morning run 8 AM
The office - I always tend to remember to take photos when it's basically empty and I'm the only one left...
After work mode, ready to go for a run, grill hamburgers and watch Sweden - Belgium play!
6.20 PM I went to Jonas' house to watch football with him, Catalin and Marc, who are both working at Oriflame and are Head of Operations respectively Head of Sales. Had a really good evening eating a lot of food, dessert and watching Sweden play and, not very surprising maybe, loose. The evening ended with a table tennis tournament!
Tomorrow I will go to Medina with Safa, we're leaving straight after work. Really looking forward to it! Can't believe it's now exactly one week ago since I landed in Tunis, and didn't basically know a thing about the country or its people. I feel like I'm learning a lot of new things every day on the internship, and I'm also having a great time outside of work. And a week goes extremely fast during Ramadan - tomorrow already Thursday!
Wish you all a good night!

Day 6 in Tunisia - Interesting day and meetings

Publicerad 2016-06-22 03:08:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Hello from Tunisia!
This day has been really interesting and started off as the previous ones with a morning jog and then Jonas picked me up and we drove to the office. I attended the management meeting in the morning, which was a great insight into the business. Very interesting to hear about what people are working with and focusing at!
Today I also got to learn (a lot) more about the different Oriflame products in the catalogue and had a meeting with Emira, who is Head of Management who gave me a thoroughful insight. It feels great to know more about the catalogue, where all of the products that Oriflame sell in Tunisia actually are. Now I know that except for makeup, Oriflame also offers a SPA serie, skin care, nutrition supplements and... perfumes!
I was talking a lot with different people today and the plan for the week is that I will get settled and just learn more about Oriflame in Tunisia. On Monday next week I will work on my project, which I already have seen today, and really think seems exciting - and I think will suit me. I think it's a good concept, and I feel like I'm learning a lot, not only about Oriflame, but also about all different things which relate to e-commerce and the market climate in Tunisia.
Ready to go home - people leave a bit earlier under Ramadan, which is a time when other companies in Tunisia actually don't work at all
The kickboxing/MMA club where I'll probably be training. The trainers seems really good, champion of Tunisia and competing in the World Championship etc.... One of them said he can set up a training schedule for me, so it's definitely going to be some private training while I'm here!
Moez, a new friend who I got to know through Safa, was kind enough to both look for a thai/kickboxing club with me and then take me with him to this beautiful place in Carthage, next to Sidi Bou Saïd where I live.
In the evening I met up with Safa and her friends in Ariana, about 15 km away from Sidi Bou Saïd. It was very nice, we drank tea and was sitting on the terrace looking out over Tunis, talking about life and cracking jokes. Days like these make me start thinking about what kind of life I want in the future - which job, which career, in which country and which people I want around me...
Life is so full of different opportunities, and the world only gets smaller and opens up more the more I travel, see and understand. I'm so thankful for that I have had the opportunity to live in so many countries, gotten to know so many people from different cultures - and have realized that I'm free to create the kind of life I want myself, that it's my life and that it doesn't have to look like anyone else's. And most important of all - shouldn't be built upon other people's expectations.
Living to work or working to live... Well, if it's this kind of work/life-balance that Oriflame offers, in an interesting working environment and exotic place like this, I can tell you that it seems to be a quite interesting possible career way in the future. Especially for those of you, who like me, are curious, have an entrepreneurial spirit, values CSR - and never gets enough of experiencing new countries and to leave Sweden for a while ;-)
Bonne nuit!

#5 Board game tuesday!

Publicerad 2016-06-21 19:39:00 i Allmänt

Evening everybody! 
Sitting here writing with a european soccer championship game going on, Germany vs. Northern Ireland. Tomorrow is Sweden, let's hope they will win this one! I just got back home after meeting up with some expats here in Shanghai. We sat in a bar and played some board games. It was really fun, especially a game that is called "Resistant". I never played it before, but I am glad I know about it now! It is pretty complicated to explain but in a nutshell, try to get people to believe you are one of the good guys. The best of all was that I got to know a lot of nice people from the U.S, Korea, Ireland, Germany etc. We are going to eat at restaurants together which I am just trilled about, there is so many restaurants that I want to try here! 
I went to a place for Shanghainese soup dumplings, it was absolutely amazing. I also promised my newly found friends to take them there some time so I will definitely go back! 
At the office today I started the day off with a meeting together with Marcus and Justine about my project. Yesterday I had prepared an overall plan over my projects and some questions that I needed answers to. We discussed statistics and Oriflame's unique business model. It is very interesting how they work with consultants and direct selling (Consultants are the people that sell the Oriflame products). Knowing more about Oriflame as a company, it really makes me proud to work here. Oriflame offers a chance for people to take control of their own lives, not by simply handing out money, but by enabling them to start their own business, selling Oriflame products. It feels good to know that you are working towards improving the lives of other people. 
In the afternoon I joined the online marketing team for a meeting/brainstorming about ideas around some products. It was quite entertaining to hear about the ideas that they had and also giving my own opinions about it. The meeting really gave me an insight on what the chinese people like and dislike, and it is so different from Sweden. I do not think that two months are enough for me, there is too many interesting topics!
Now I really need to sleep, good night!

Day 5 in Tunisia - First day at the office

Publicerad 2016-06-21 02:45:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
Today I woke up 7.30 AM, went for my now regular morning run, and then my boss Jonas picked me up at 9 AM and we drove about 10 min to the Oriflame office. Jonas started up Oriflame in Tunisia from scratch about four years ago, so both the building and the office - everything - is very new and modern.
Jonas showed me around and I got to meet and greet all the employees at Oriflame Tunisia - a quite young team, both men and women, who all seem very friendly. This day was mostly about getting settled and I completed several of Oriflame's e-learnings; with everything from a crash course in Sustainability, the Oriflame business idea, how you attain and keep customers, information about the catalogue and the products (actually can't wait until I will try some of them out), to Oriflame's immense CSR work.
I also read several documents e.g. about that Oriflame never has contributed in any testing of makeup on animals and the importance of that the ingredients in the makeup is eco-friendly. Since I'm both interested in entrepreneurship, CSR and have been using makeup regularly since I was 13 years old, it was quite easy, interesting and fun to do the different e-learnings. I especially liked the part when one should list in which order to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and fill in your eyebrows (and some other things I forgot about). The purpose behind this is of course that you should know and be educated about the products that you sell. Oriflame sells its makeup through catalogue only - more about that later. It anyway took me over 5 attempts to get all of them in the right order - there's always more to learn! 
Me at my desk with some of the employees at Oriflame Tunisia! Taher and Safa to the left . (Everyone got a little bit shy when I said that it would probably appear here at the blog... ;-))
I left the office around 5.30 PM and did some shopping at the supermarket here with Jonas. I love to try new things, especially when it comes to food, so I asked for and got some good advices on which Tunisian cheese/olives/dessert/traditional food/vegetables I should buy. Always good in a new country!
When I got home I went for a run to La Marsa - tomorrow me and a friend will go and look for a club here where I can train kick/thaiboxing. Actually saw a guy with MMA-gloves 100 m from the office today - gonna be interesting to see how the training is over here! And yes, I have been warned about that I might be the only girl. Training thaiboxing in Russia actually got me used to it ;-)
In the evening I went for dinner in La Marsa at a new friend's and her husband's cozy place and then we had cake and Tunisian tea on their roof top. If it wouldn't have been dark outside, you would have been able to see the ocean a couple of hundred meters away...
Took a taxi home a couple of hours ago - and it's so crowded on the streets! People really wake up in the late evening during Ramadan. Can't wait to see what it will be in a couple of weeks after Ramadan - I'm sure it's going to be really nice...
Sweet dreams to you all and stay tuned for more updates!

#4 Projects are taking form!

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Monday again and today was yet another exciting day at the office. The day started with me reading up on Oriflame's online marketing. Here in China they use an app called wechat. It has an amazing amount of functions that is equivalent to at least 5-7 different apps we use in the the rest of the world, if not more. You can use it as a social platform to chat with friends, subscribe to blogs, do flight check in, play games, read news, pay for things etc. It was very interesting to read about and this is also my main focus area during my time here. :) 
Internet is good at the office so I was able to upload some pictures of the office, take a look! 
When you walk into the office you are met by Sara, our receptionst. She did not want to be in the picture yet, because her eye is swollen. 
On the other side of the entrance you have a nice seating area with a big map where the regional offices are shown. 
In the beginning we thought that I would do one project, but there so many things that I want to dig into so we ended up dividing it into two projects with focus on CRM: The first project is about analyzing the effects of one of the online marketing channels that Oriflame are using, and the second one is about analyzing which online marketing channel that is more effective. I got lot of statistics to run through, but I do not mind that since it is so interesting. I will keep you posted as the project progresses. 
An exercise area in case you feel like you have been sitting at your desk for too long
For lunch Charlie (the IT manager), Yolanna and Robin took me to a restaurant which served rabbit. I think this is the first time I am trying this, and it was really good. I like the food culture here in China where you order a few dishes that you can share, instead of ordering a big meal for yourself. This way you get to try many dishes at the same time. 
My sweet collegues, all of them are working in the online marketing team. From left we have Ansel, Yolanna, Robin and Doreen (Justine, the online marketing manager, was not here when I took the picture)
Now I really have to get some dinner, it is time to finally eat the famous 上海小笼包 (Shanghai soup dumplings), It is simply amazing, I have eating it once in Xian yeeeears ago, but I have never forgotten it. SO EXCITED! 
Of course we will end this post with a giant picture of Oriflame's logo! :) 
All the best! 

Day 4 in Tunisia - Last day of vacation

Publicerad 2016-06-19 23:56:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
It is 22.38 PM here in Tunis and the children are singing songs and playing football on the street. I just brushed my teeth and got ready for bed - tomorrow vacation is over, and it's time to get to work!
This day started off as great as always - I woke up 9 AM and then went out for my regular long run. The latest days I've run 20 km each day, this morning I only had time for 15 km. Sidi Bou Saïd where I live is located a bit up on a hill, and I ran back to the same beach quite below it as I ran to yesterday. During the night it was actually raining and thundering a lot, so today the water was even clearer than it usually is. The weather was also a bit cooler and actually some clouds in the sky!
The inclining tourist road I run up for every day - actually a lot of tourists today!
This view is absolutely priceless... and meets me every time I have run up for the long, inclining touristic road. So worth it! The beach I ran to today is what you can see below, but more to the right. 
The water was extremely blue today, just had to take a photo!
By 1 PM I met up with some other Swedes and expates here in Tunis to go to a beach further aways, unfortunately had to take a taxi back on the way when I realized that it was 2 hours away and it would be hard for me to make it to the dinner with my boss Jonas at Oriflame this evening. But there will be other opportunities for excursions!
I came back from the dinner with Jonas about one hour ago, we had a nice drive in Tunis and he showed me around a bit and ate at an Italian restaurant. It was really nice to talk with him about career paths and his experience at Oriflame, which was really positive. I will have a project that I will work on, to start off with, and it seems like I will get a really good understanding about the different roles and tasks at Oriflame during my internship. It definitely seems like I'm going to have things to do anyway! ;-)
Over and out, hope you guys all had a great weekend! As you may understand judging by my photos - I'm not really having a hard time to survive over here... 
Sweet dreams,

#3 Sunday in Shanghai

Publicerad 2016-06-19 22:00:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Today I slept until 11 o’clock, which is very unusual for me. Although I am not surprised, ever since I came to Shanghai it has been quite hectic. In addition to that, speaking Chinese all the time takes a lot of energy since I have not used Chinese like this for quite some time now. It is slowly but steadily improving and after catching up on sleep it will not take long before my Chinese comes as natural as my English and Swedish.
Since it is quite cheap here to fix the hair I decided to do a straight perm. I know it is terrible for your hair, but my hair simply will not do in this humid weather. I went to a hair salon to ask how long it would take to do it, and they told me that they could do it in 1 ½ hour. Knowing my hair pretty well after 20 years of close interaction, I did not believe them, but I was not in a hurry so I went ahead with it: I ended up spending over 4 hours there. I spent the time talking to the staff working hard on my hair. It was quite funny I must say because I was clearly the tallest person there, which they just could not stop talking about. They were also very curious about me and my life in Sweden, asking me a lot of personal questions. In return I also got to ask a lot of things about them too. They took very good care of me and sent me plate after plate of Chinese food and snacks because it simply would not do to leave me starving to death. :P Next time I go there I will take a photo with them.
After the long day at the hair salon, I went to Nanjing Lu, the big shopping street in Shanghai. Did some walking around and there were many familiar stores, but also some that I never heard of. I got there pretty late so I did not have much time to explore in detail, I will definitely do that another time!
Happy Sunday everyone!

#2 Weekend with the company

Publicerad 2016-06-19 08:36:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Hi again! 
Just got back yesterday from a great weekend with the company. We took off on thursday, the place that we visited is called 桐庐, a beautiful vaccatioin spot with amazing nature. The weather was great which made climbing mountains much more fun. It is such great exercise and the reward of getting to the top was not disapointing! I promised pictures, so here they are. 
On thursday, we arrived pretty late so I just rested in the hotel room, started watching a chinese comedy program that is called "Come on athletes". The program consists of chinese celebrities who are competing with professional athletes. It is so funny and I laugh like crazy everytime. The chinese celebrities are so goofy! 
On friday, the day started great with a tasty breakfast buffet with some chinese dishes such as wonton soup, baozi, woked vegetables and tea eggs. Soooo good! After that we went on a hiking trip up a mountain, it was so beautiful and peaceful to walk around in nature. I really should do that more often! In the evening we had a a dinner together that was really fun, all the newemployees got introduced and had to do a presentation. It was funny to listen to since everyone goofed around a lot. There was a lot of joking around and we got to answer a lot of questions about ourselves. 
After the dinner, we went back to the hotel, 30 minutes before the soccer game started (Sweden-Italy). Some of the people had bought crayfish from the restaurant so we all sat in the lounge and ate crayfish together. Everybody was very curious about me and they asked me a lot of questions. I went to my room right before the game started and surprise surprise, we have a lot of soccer fans in China! I ended up watching the game with six guys from the office. They thought it was really funny to watch me because I got very upset (can you blame me???). Although the game did not go the way I wanted it to, I really enjoyed watching the game together with them, it is always more fun! 
On saturday, we went to another park, we got to walk into a huge cave that was lit up with different colors. Very cool to walk through. After that it was time to go back ot Shanghai. On the way, we stopped at a rest spot where you could buy zongzi, a delicious chinese dish. It is sticky rice with some kind of filling inside, wrapped with leaves. bought 22 of them to the price of 130 rmb. I love how cheap it is here! 
A summary of the weekend: I had a great time and I am so glad to have gotten the chance to get to know thep people better. What is funny is that I have always thought of chinese people to be quite uptight. I could not have been more wrong! They are very friendly and joke around a lot. They are very open with their feelings and honest, they will not have mercy when they comment on you. I am already used to this since I have been around a lot of chinese people, but never like this to be honest. I have had so much fun, and I am looking forward to getting to know them even better! 
All the best! 

Day 3 in Tunisia - A relaxed day with beautiful views

Publicerad 2016-06-19 01:06:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
Today I went out for another long run and explored more in Sidi Bou Saïd. I think it's around 34 degrees, and actually not too hot in the wind. Tunis has a lot of hills, so it's great training to run up and down - and a nice view who waits for the one who is enudrant enough!
The street where I live, I live to the right just where the stair goes up
A lot of people (mostly guys and men) are on the beach playing football and swim, but it was still not crowded. There are very few tourists here in Tunis and it's very seldom that I see many foreigners here. Today has also been my first day swimming in Tunisia!
 I was supposed to meet Taher from Oriflame to go for a coffee this evening, but it was actually raining (!) a bit a couple of hours ago, so we decided to stay home. Because of Ramadan, many places open up around 9 PM. It actually feels good to have an evening home as well, and take care of things and just relax - probably 2 hour running in the middle of the day and to the beach also contributes to that!
Tomorrow I will go to a new beach with some Swedes who are here in Tunis and later have dinner with Jonas, my boss at Oriflame, who is flying from Sweden tomorrow. It's gonna be interesting to hear about his experience with Oriflame here in Tunis and also get to know more about the projects I will be working at the upcoming weeks!
Good night and sweet dreams!

Day 2 in Tunisia - Running and exploring

Publicerad 2016-06-18 17:22:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Bonjour le blog!
Sorry for no update yesterday. Everything is great here, except for that the internet could be a bit faster. I have gone crazy maybe 40 times since I got here, because it takes so long time to upload photos and even get into the page where you update this blog. Anyway, right now the internet seems to work!
My apartment! One bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, toilet and a big balcony on the backside.
The mosque about 100 m from where I live in Sidi Bou Saïd
Yesterday I woke up by 9 and went out for a loooong 20 km run around Sadi Bou Saïd where I live, and then to La Marsa where me and Safa were yesterday. Today I was out for 3 hours, with obligatory stops to take photos - of course ;-) People were super happy to see me, and many even did thumbs up! Once I didn't know exactly which way to run, I could always stop and ask someone. I love that people speak French here, but am thrilled to learn some Arabic soon.
Beautiful views on my morning run, which turned into a lunch run as well... If it looks like this, I could run forever.
 Met these Tunisian gentlemen who wanted to talk and take a picture while I was running on the beach in La Marsa. They got so concerned about that I was going to run all the way back to Sidi Bou Saïd again, so they insisted on first accompanying me, then giving me money for a taxi, and then bought me a yoghurt so I wouldn't be thirsty when I said I was going to run back anyway. More kind people to the world!
I got back and showered and took a taxi to the carrefoure (the big supermarket) here. It costed less than 4 dinars to get there, one dinar is around 3,8 Swedish crowns. In the taxi I spoke French with the taxi driver, it is really great that most people speak French in Tunisia, except for only Arabic with Tunisian dialect. I really should just have bought a memory card for my new camera, but ended up buying 20 kg of food upon that... Is there something more interesting than to go to supermarkets in new countries?!
In the evening I went to a coffee place with Safa, her boyfriend and her friends. They were all super nice and spoke great English. And man, they can really crack jokes! One of Safa's friends had been working for PWC in Tunis and was going to New York today. Apparently KPMG, EY, Deloitte and PWC are all in Tunisia, someting which anyway didn't really cross my mind.
Something very funny was that everyone were complaining about Ramadan and that it was "so boring" now (none of them were actually "doing" Ramadan in terms of not eating during the day) and that there was no partying going on. So many people have told me "Wait until after Ramadan, then you will see - Tunisia will completely change". Since I really enjoy just sitting outside drinking tea with Tunisians, and learn more about them and about Tunisia, it will be very interesting to see the rhythm change after Ramadan!
By the way, saw an article on LinkedIn about a big charity event that Oriflame organized in Vietnam with SOS Children Village. Being adopted from Vietnam as a baby and having a girl (fadderbarn) at SOS Children Village in Vietnam that my family supported with money for many years, of course makes this even closer to heart for me. For you guys who didn't know that, Oriflame's CSR work is really huge, and Oriflame is so much more than "just" makeup and beauty. Oriflame has changed the life for many women in developing countries all around the world, giving them an opportunity to earn their own money and become more independent. For me as a young woman and for equality and independence, it feels great to be working for a company which shares my values.
More about that and Oriflame's business in another update - I'm super excited to start my internship next week, to learn more about everything, and then tell you guys about it.
Ciao and stay tuned for my next update!

First day in Tunisia

Publicerad 2016-06-17 02:56:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Hi all!
So here is my first update about Tunisia - I was having problems taking the pictures out of my phone for more than one hour and am really tired now (it's 1.30 AM here and it's been a long day), so I'll make it a quite short one.
Yesterday evening I took the plane from Stockholm - Frankfurt - Tunis and arrived 11.30 PM. Taher, a colleague at Oriflame, met me at the airport and we went straight to... eat ice-cream!
A bit tired me and Taher at Ice n Roll 2 AM in the morning
The small place was literally crowded, and I can honestly tell you that it was quite surprising to see all the people, dressed in "western" clothes, showing "ordinary" much skin, and all the house music playing in the background - since it's actually Ramadan and I thought people covered themselves more in Arab countries. When I first came I had a thicker sweater on, whereupon Taher stared at me and asked "You didn't bring any summer clothes?".
From the ice-cream place to my apartment, which is super nice and located in Sidi Bou Said, very close to the ocean - and I feel like I'm more in Santorini than in Tunis... Got to bed 3 AM - ready for the 15 min super loud announcement (!) about that people had to stop eating now, since it's Ramadan, and fell asleep around 3.30 AM.
Me and Safa at a view point in La Marsa, Tunis
After a good night's sleep, this day has been very exciting, mainly thanks to Safa, my colleague at Oriflame, who has taken well care of me. We had lunch by the ocean (apparently only about 60 % of all Tunisians actually stop eating during Ramadan) with an amazing view, and were then sightseeing around before we got changed and went for dinner and tea in the evening.
In the evening we had a walk on the beach and enjoyed the view, sitting and looking out over the ocean
Believe it or not, but actually a former bar (!) at the beach in La Marsa, 100 m from the restaurant where we had dinner
Dinner - People are tired during the day because of Ramadan and eat a lot in the evening!
People in Tunisia come out and relax together with friends and family during Ramadan
Things that were sold on the touristy street on the way up to where we were sitting a couple of hours ago
At a roof top café with Safa and her friends - Tunisians are very warm and welcoming people
So far I have had a really great first day in Tunisia and it feels great to get the chance to get settled a bit before I start my internship on Monday. I feel very fortunate that I got the chance to come here, and I get really well taken care of. I could write meters about my new impressions and all my thoughts about Tunisia that are completely wrong, but that would be... meters. For now, all you should know is that Tunis is a beautiful, safe city, and that people are super friendly (the ones I have met so far, anyway!). My internship at Oriflame couldn't have started better, even though it officially actually hasn't yet started.
Hope you guys liked my first update - it has taken way too long, so I will probably make them shorter in the future (or have another blog, where I'll put all the rest of my 40 photos and movie clips I took today in this beautiful city!).
Good night and stay tuned for more updates!

#1 At the office in Shanghai!

Publicerad 2016-06-16 09:47:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

I have finally arrived in Shanghai after a long travel from Stockholm! The flight departures from Beijing were canceled because of the weather, but luckily I was able to get a seat on a later flight which arrived in Shanghai late at night. I am fortunate to live quite close to the office so I did not have to wake up too early.
Yesterday was my first day at the office. I was introduced to the people working in the office, everyone here is really nice and helpful. I also got to participate in a meetiing for the heads of the regional offices. Very interesting to listen to and it gave me a good insight in Oriflame. So much to learn in a short period of time!
Today I met with Marcus from Sweden. He has been stationed here for about six months, but is going back soon. In Shanghai he was working in the online marketing which is what I will be working on too. On monday I will meet with Justine, the online marketing manager, to discuss further details on my project here. As for now, I am just trying to deepen my understanding of the chinese customer behavior. It is very different here in many kinds of ways which is why it is so interesting!
The Oriflame office is in a building called 日月光中心 (SML center) situated in the Huangpu district. Just in this building, they have about 200 restaurants to choose from. The food ranges from traditional chinese to italian pasta to american hamburgers. Today we chose Indian food which was very good. Later this afternoon we are going to 桐庐(tonglu), a vaccation spot ouside of Shanghai for teambuilding days. I am so glad to have arrived just in time for this as it gives me a great chance to get to know people even better. I will keep you posted, pictures will be uploaded soon too!
All the best!

Incoming Oriflame 2016 Global Summer Interns

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We are Isabella and Denise, two of Oriflame's 2016 Global Summer Interns. This summer you will be able to follow our journey to Shanghai, China and Tunis, Tunisia! As a brief introduction, we will start off by telling you a little bit about ourselves.
Us (Denise left, Isabella right) outside of the Stockholm School of Economics
Isabella Wang - Intern in Shanghai, China
I am a student at Stockholm School of Economics who just finished her second year in the bachelor program in Business and Economics. During the whole course of my life, I have had a constant urge to explore other countries and cultures. This in turn has spurred me to travel abroad from a very young age. I have been a high school exchange student in the U.S, backpacked all over Europe, visited many places in Asia and I'm only starting! Recently I have developed a great interest for the asian beauty industry, which was the main reason for me to apply for the intenship. Funny to know is that despite my many trips to China, I have never actually stayed in Shanghai. Guess who was thrilled to find out that she was going there this summer? 
Denise Sandquist - Intern in Tunis, Tunisia
I also study Business & Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and just finished my first year. After having graduated from Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium Odenplan in 2010, I did my military service as military interpreter and interrogator in Russian at the Swedish Armed Forces Interpreter Academy (Försvarets Tolkskola) 2010 - 2011 and worked for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow 2011 - 2013. That is where my interest for Oriflame started to grew, as Russia is Oriflame's largest market. After having backpacked in Southeast Asia in 2013, I decided to go to Nanning, China to learn Chinese in 2013 - 2015. In 2015 I was teaching English in Vietnam, my birth country, and studying Vietnamese. In my spare time, I like to workout, and then especially running and thaiboxing. I am super thrilled to go to Tunisia this summer, a country which for me is very unknown and distant - and think this blog is a great way for you guys to share my impressions together with me!
Exams done - now time for summer!
With this said, we would like to start off by wishing you all an amazing summer! Either if you are staying at home relaxing, traveling or working, for us students, the summer is a great time to learn more about new things, explore and to develop ourselves - and of course, to gather strength for upcoming year(s) at university. Hopefully this blog will give you the opportunity to both learn more about Oriflame as a company, the several possiblities Oriflame offers you as an employee or intern, and about what it is like to be a Global Summer Intern at Oriflame Cosmetics.
Don't forget to keep an eye on this blog during the summer! Isabella will leave to China on Monday 13/6 and Denise will fly to Tunisia on Wednesday 15/6. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures!
All the best,
Denise & Isabella


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On this blog you can follow some of the Oriflame Global Summer Interns who have been selected for their passion, creativity and energy to complete exciting strategic projects in one of our locations around the world. This summer we will follow Emilia Bryngelsson, who is doing her summer internship in Istanbul and Anton Ekman who will be working in Moscow. Feel Inspired? Do you want to dare yourself and take the leap out in the Oriflame world ? Be on the lookout on our corporate site when applications for Global Summer Internship 2018 opens up in December!

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