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12. Home in Sweden with reflections

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Now I have been home in Sweden for a little more than one week. When I look back at my eight weeks’ internship experience it feels almost unreal. During eight intensive weeks I had the opportunity to learn a whole lot about Oriflame and how retailing and sales work, but also about truly having fun at work and enjoying what you do. In the same way as Anton I would like to advise everyone that is ready for an adventurous internship experience to apply for Oriflame’s Summer Internship in 2018. It’s something that I will never regret.

The last Thursday of my internship I got surprised with a goodbye celebration - we had cake and I even got a present, a necklace protecting me from bad spirits, that will remind me of my time in Istanbul. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet warm people that have taken really good care of me and that have become my dear friends over this time. We will see each other again when(not if) I come back to Istanbul!
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience Oriflame!

12. Last day of the internship in Moscow

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Today is my last day at Oriflame in Moscow. I had my final presentation on Wednesday and it was rewarding to let my colleagues take part of my findings. I just had a farewell fika with my colleagues, which was nice but a bit sad.

It has been an exciting summer here at Oriflame. I’ve learned a lot about marketing and communications and significantly increased my proficiency in these areas. I’ve not only learned about current trends in these areas but also a lot about campaign planning, segmenting and conceptualization in marketing activities. It’s been very developing to follow the work in the team apart of my own project.

It has been an honor to work with all talented Oriflamians at the regional head office. One of the most motivating factors is to work together with other motivated and talented individuals. I had the opportunity to do so her and I’m immensely grateful for that.

I recommend anyone to apply for Oriflame Global Summer Internship 2018. You will get learn new things, take responsibility and experience some exciting place somewhere in the world. Stay tuned on the corporate website for when the applications open by the end of this year!

 Good bye fika with the team. Or those not on vacation at least!

Now it’s time for me to go on vacation and spend some time with my sister, who flew in the day before yesterday!

Happy summer everyone!


11. Final presentation and Celebration

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Today I had my last presentation for Oriflame Turkey's CEO, Johan, and the Marketing and Financial Directors. Right before the presentation it was shortened into one hour instead of two - so we only had time to go through half of the presentation, but we will continue tomorrow morning for an additional hour. Tomorrow I will also present my findings to the Category Team here in Turkey. So faar the feedback has been great though which makes me very glad. 
After the presentation I meet a friend, that I meet during my time here, for lunch at the great restaurant Sousa in the nearby mall. We had a great lunch and said goodbye and I went back to the office. I belive and sincerly hope that we will meet again in the future! After lunch I had to do some additional slides to add to the presentation that the CEO wanted. The afternoon went by quickly and after finishing work it was time for dinner together to celebrate the time here and the projects (half)final presentation. 
Me and my friend Gigi that I had lunch with today and another friend, Robin from Scottland. 
One of the amazing Bosphorous views of Istanbul. Tomorrow will be my last full day here in Turkey. I better prepare for it with a good nights sleep. 


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On this blog you can follow some of the Oriflame Global Summer Interns who have been selected for their passion, creativity and energy to complete exciting strategic projects in one of our locations around the world. This summer we will follow Emilia Bryngelsson, who is doing her summer internship in Istanbul and Anton Ekman who will be working in Moscow. Feel Inspired? Do you want to dare yourself and take the leap out in the Oriflame world ? Be on the lookout on our corporate site when applications for Global Summer Internship 2018 opens up in December!

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