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#19 Last day in Shanghai

Publicerad 2016-08-11 16:05:00 i Isabella in Shanghai


Today is the last day and i am cleaning up my desk at the office. It is hard to understand that I have been here for two months already, time has gone by in a flash and now it is time for me to go back  to Stockholm and continue on with my studies at SSE.

Empty desk 
Some Oriflame products that I ordered, love love the wellness products! 

On tuesday I did my presentation for the management team here in China, I received a lot of positive feedback and it really felt like what I presented was important and valuable material to them. In september I will be presenting my project to the Stockholm office and hopefully bring some new insights and interesting perspectives to the table.

This week many people at the office have been leaving for Copenhagen for the Gold conference, an event held for the Oriflame consultants. I said goodbye to the management team and most of the online team already and I feels a little sad. After working closely together and speaking to them daily, it feels quite weird to sit in a dead silent online department. Fingers crossed that they get a chance to visit Stockholm someday!

Last photo of Justine, Yolanna and I yesterday. Of course it had to be decorated with some stickers :) 
And a picture with Ansel as well, Robin left for Beijing before I could say goodbye so no picture with him... 

Lastly I woud like to thank Oriflame for giving me this amazing opportunity to work in Shanghai. I am not only bringing back invaluable knowledge and experience about China, but also many great memories that I have created here. The friends that I have made here, both at the office and outside, have really made my China experience unique and different from my previous trips. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Shanghai. Although after having gotten a taste of how it is like to work here, I would not be surprising if I will be back to Shanghai sometime in the future!

New suitcase decorated with some cute Oriflame stickers! 

And if there is anyone who wants to know more about my internship experience, do not hesitate to ask!

All the best



#18 An update from Shanghai

Publicerad 2016-07-28 11:23:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

It is afternoon in Shanghai and I am working on finishing up with my project. I have done so much research during my time here and now it is time to sit down and make it into a presentation. The design of the presentation actually takes a long time and I am happy that I still have some time to get into that as well. We will see the results soon, and I will present my project to the management team here in Shanghai!
Working here in China has been so much fun. Finally, 13 years of spending my childhood saturdays at Chinese school feels like well spent time. Not only have I gotten a chance to get an insight on the chinese lifestyle, but more importantly, gotten a chance to become part of it. My phone has now reached its space limit due to the vast amount of apps that I have downloaded here. I am actually starting to wonder if coming back to Stockholm will require some significant adjustments from my side, since I have grown accustomed to how things work here...
Now to some things outside of work! Last weekend I went with my uncle and his family to stay at a mountain 四海山, it means "Four Seas mountain". The name comes from the fact that the mountain has a sea of trees, fog, clouds and snow (very poetic, right?). My uncle was invited by a collegue and it is always really interesting to observe the business culture here in China. I really liked the place that we stayed at because the houses reminded me of those in Sweden.
My dear uncle who loves taking photos with his phone 
All the best!

#17 Balance

Publicerad 2016-07-21 04:45:47 i Isabella in Shanghai

Hello Again! 
I decided to write a post dedcated to what I do at work. Altough it doea not sound as exciting and fun as a river hike do, it is actually just as fun. Being here has made me realize that marketing and business strategy is something that I want to do in the future. Study these subjects at university is fun, but it is not even comparable to actual work experience. 

At work I am continuing to learn, not only about Oriflame, but also about Oriflame's competitors here in China. There are quite a few and it is very interesting researching about their online activities. As I mentioned before, Chinese users are not using the apps that we consider "basic" in the rest of the world. Instead they are using chinese apps that have similar functions, most of them are actually better than the ones that we are using. In China the phone is the gateway to all the everyday functions, without it, it would be hard to survive here. :P After being here for a month, it is not hard to draw a conclusion that online marketing has become a neccessity.
This week (and last week) we have a visit from the Global office, Malgorzata from Poland. Last week Justine, Ansel and I had a meeting wiith her about what online is doing here in China. We talked about the different online campaigns that have been done here. At the end we had a very insightful discussion about global vs. local and differences in culture. I absolutely love discussing subjects like this and I got a whole new perspective afer talking to Malgorzata. It is a constant struggle to find a balance between being local and global when you have a big company like Oriflame.
My individual project has evolved during the time here. I started off the projects with a rather clear direction, but as time have progressed, it has taken some interesting turns. Next week I will try to schedule a meeting with Regine, the marketing manager, and Justine to continue on with the discussion that I started with Malgorzata. Being able to read chinese means that I am able to intergrate into the chinese lifestyle. At the same time, I am looking at my experience here through the eyes of a Swede. A good combination!
Regine and I in front of the big China map at the office 
All the best!

#16 River Hiking weekend

Publicerad 2016-07-19 10:04:20 i Isabella in Shanghai

Happy tuesday!
It is past lunch time here in Shanghai and I have just come back from a short shopping spree. I can barely believe what great value I got from the money that I spent. In total I paid 104 rmb for a pair of flipflops, yoga mat, 3 pairs of socks, swim cap and swimming goggles. Just amazing.
Everything all together was 104 rmb! 
Last weekend I joined a group of expats for a river hike to Qingshui in Zhejiang province. It was a lot of fun to meet people and get away from the city for a little while. The hike itself ended up being a little more challenging than expected because of the high water levels. The guides said that it usually was more just walking by the river, but we were climbing the rocks along the river and in the river. I really enjoyed it and a little challenge makes the victory so much sweeter.
We had to cross the river a few times during the hike, the steam was quite strong at this spot
An easier spot, but still very slippery 
Setting up the tents at the camping site 
Very tranquil place 
Beautifu nature and breathtaking views
All the best! /Isabella

#15 Photoshoot with The One

Publicerad 2016-07-13 05:06:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Yesterday I went with Robin, Justine and Yolanna downstairs to get some photos of Oriflame's "The One" makeup collection. Spending most of my time in the office, where we have airconditioning (Thank God), the contrast from the outside is just unbearable. The past days have been really hot and humid. At this point I am no longer sweating, instead, my body is steaming. Anyway, even with the hot weather it was fun to help out in the photoshoot. We had some flowers as decoration and the pictures turned out really good. They are all really talented and good at what they are doing, I was quite impressed!
Quite fun to take part in a photoshoot session, so much work behind every little post they publish
Pictures turned out really well (this one is taken with a phone camera though)
Robin, our talented Digital planner and photographer
After work I met up with Ning for a free Salsa trial, none of us had ever tried Salsa before. It was actually quite fun and I really liked the teacher. He was funny, but very firm and honest. I think it is always better to have a teacher be very direct in their feedback, that way you know what you should improve and how. Afterwards Ning and I went to have some Korean desert, the exact one that I had last week, I just cannot get enough of it, plus Ning had not tried it yet. We ended up eating something called 凉皮(liangpi), which is a cold noodle dish from Shanxi. One of my favorites, although I have realized that I have quite a few favorites...
Have a nice day everybody!

#14 Fun, but humid weekend

Publicerad 2016-07-11 08:54:03 i Isabella in Shanghai

A very long post, enjoy!
It is monday morning and I am sitting in the office going a lilttle crazy, the keyboard on my computer has stopped working and I cannot turn it on. So right now I am using another one and of course it feels a little weird. Hopefull I can fix the problem, but this computer is fine as well.
This weekend has been quite busy, on fridayI (finally) got to go to Korea tow for some Korean BBQ with some expats, it was so delicious! On top of that, we found out that they had Sulbing, a korean dessert that I have cravevd ever since I visited Seoul last year. The memories, the taste...Wow. I shared a dessert with two other people. We ended up eating the other people's sulbing too, my stomach have a lot of eating experience. After the dessert we went out to a bar and later a nightclub, which had a beautiful terrace. We chatted on the terrace, danced downstairs and just had fun!
Korean dessert, finely shaved ice with topping
Saturday I went to a brunch meetup with a group called GGI (Girl Gone Internaitonal), at a restaurant called Maya. They served mexican food with a hint of chinese influence. I am IN LOVE with their duck quesadillas... It was fun to meet other girls and hear their stories and experiences living in Shanghai. There are many many great things about Shanghai, but the attitude towards women are not one of them. Three of the girls and i got into the subject of sexual harrassment and we all had encountered that in one way or the other here in Shanghai. My experience with a guy getting uncomfortably close while standing on the escalator was by far the mildest one in comparison to the stories of the other girls. One had experienced domestic violence, one had been followed and one physically harrassed by a guy on the street. It made me so mad that it is still so common, not only in Shanghai,  but everywhere in the world.
After the brunch I went to tennis practice. One of the trainers called me 超强 ("Super strong"). I think it might be because they are not used to girls hitting that hard. It felt great to play, but I felt a little off not having played for a long time. when tennis practice was over I went to a club with a friend (Diane) and just danced, music was great that night so we danced pretty much until they closed.
Sunday was a bit more chill, I went for lunch and coffee with a friend (Ning) we spent the majority of the afternoon talking about chinese culture and swedish culture, how different they are. She is Chinese, but she did her master in Oslo so she had some first-hand experience as well. During the evening I went to a meetup called borders and nations, it was a discussion group about immigration which was quite interesting, at the end discussion was quite heated, but that is what makes it fun!
My friend Ning at the restaurant
Happy monday everyone!

#13 Exploring a new world

Publicerad 2016-07-11 04:39:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Here is a post from friday, apparently I did not post it so here it is!
I am slowy, but steadily starting to adapt to all the different apps used here in China. They have apps for EVERYTHING. There is basically no need for you to even move an inch here because anything can be delivered to your door within a few minutes. It is like exploring a whole new world, different from the one that I am used to. It has exceeded my expectations in so many different ways and the apps still amaze me.
For lunch today I went with Yolanna and Justine to a very cozy cafe in French Concession. What is quite funny is that they did not think that the food was that good, instead, you go there because the interior is really nice for taking pictures. I had a good laugh when they told me that, but we ended up taking really nice pictures with Yolanna's phone camera. I think we spent more time taking pictures than eating. Living Chinese style, haha!
Yolanna and I 
My boss Justine 
Casually posing for the camera 
Learning the Chinese way of living 


#12 A healthy lifestyle

Publicerad 2016-07-07 08:53:09 i Isabella in Shanghai

After two weeks of very little exercise and extreme gluttony, I have now started to get a more balanced lifestyle. Even if the range of food here seem to be limitless, I have gotten used to it. As to exercise, I have finally started playing some ballsports again. Yesterday I was at a squash meetup with some expats. It was my first time playing squash and wow, who knew that hitting a ball against a wall could be so much fun?? I am definitely doing that again. Today I also got some of my collegues excited about playing squash together so I might play with them also. On saturday I will play tennis again, can't wait!
In addition to eating healthy and exercising, I have made it a habit to drink a cup of soup from Oriflame's Wellness series. We are free to drink as much soup as we want here at the office so that is perfect. I have always liked drinking soups and this is a great way for me to make sure that I get enough nutrition while I am here. Somehow I end up taking better care of myself abroad as supposed to ack home. Maybe I should make this a longterm commitment?
Oriflame's Wellness products (I promise that I am not promoting Oriflame's products ;))
Have a nice day!

#11 Office is Paradise

Publicerad 2016-07-05 11:22:04 i Isabella in Shanghai

下午好!(Good Afternoon!) 
It's 4pm here in Shanghai and I am fortunately at the office. Shanghai is now entering that time of the year where the weather is almost unbearably hot and humid. I must say that me deciding to straighten my hair was one of the best decisions I have made. I would most likely have looked like Frankenstein's monster by now, if I had not done it... 
Alongside working on my individual project about CRM online, Justine also lets me get involved in projects that the online team is working on. Today I was asked to translate an english text into chinese that will be used as the app description for an Oriflame app. It was quite hard but I managed to do it, and Ansel helped me look through the translation so that everything was correctely translated. It is quite cool know that I have translated the text that will be read by everyone who wants to download the app. 
Ansel (aka 小朱) is only one year older than me, but likes to pretend to be a tea drinking, old man
Yesterday I went with Tommy, one of our IT guys, to a tennis practice. It was nice to get some exercise again and playing tennis is definftely one of the most fun ways to do itv We played outside and even though it was evening and dark outside, it was still really warm. I could have done without the hot temperature, but it was a nice anyway! 
That is all for today :) 

#10 Shanghai > Wenzhou > Shanghai

Publicerad 2016-07-04 05:12:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Sorry for the bad update lately, internet is quite slow so it is hard to find enough time to upload my photos. 
This weekend have have been able to squeeze in quite a lot. On friday I went to dinner with some friends that I met at the midsummer party. We ate sichuan food, which is famous for being quite spicy. It was relly good and Maya ordered a basil drink for us which was dangerously delicious... After the dinner we went to some rooftop bars by the bund. The view is just gorgeous and so were the drinks. I am sorry to say that I forgot to take some pictures while we were there but at least I took some from the resaturant! 
At the Sichuan restaurant, it is not as spicy as it looks, but they do like their spicy food! 
The basil drinks were sooo good! 
Fortunately I am one of those few who has yet to experience the horrors of hangover (hopefully I never will). I booked train tickets to Wenzhou, the city where my family comes from. The train was scheduled to leave at 06.30 saturday morning which meant that I got very little sleep that night. I had to wake up at 04.00 because I wanted to make sure to be at the train station on time to catch the train, especially since I had to get a taxi early in the morning with rain pooring down. 
I must say that the trains in China are surprisingly good. Trains were very modern and clean, the station had a lot of shops and restaurants opened even though it was so early in the morning. Cleaniness is by all means very important, but what impressed me the most (being from Sweden), was the PUNCTUALITY. At 06.30 sharp, we left the Hongqiao station. 
The Highspeed bullet train to Wenzhou at Hongqiao station
After about 3 hours, I arrived at the train station in Wenzhou where my uncle picked me up. We went to see my grandmother in the hospital, she fell and hurt herself sometime ago and is still has not recovered enough to go back home. We stayed there and just kept her company while we ate her lunch. When she went to sleep my unlce and I left to get 猪肠粉 (ZhuChangFen), a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. It is rice noodles in soup and I just love it, probably because it tastes like my childhood. 
It has become a thing that I always get foot massage when I go to Wenzhou, which was exactely what we did after lunch. Compared to Sweden it is very cheap, and you get a lot of value for the money you pay. Both me and my uncle fell asleep during the treatment. After my early morning, it was a very much needed and appreciated nap. 
My uncle brought me to eat a specialty in Wenzhou and a favorite of mine since I was little, 猪肠粉 (ZhuChangFen) 
On sunday we went to see my grandmother again, I am glad to have the opportunity to see her because it is a rarity. She has been very present during most of my childhood and it only feels right to take care of her whenever I can. We stayed there a little longer this time and then my uncle, his wife and I went to a last lunch before I had to take the train back to Shanghai. 
We also ate some dishes from the northeastern part of China, this is 凉皮 (LiangPi)
China has so many delicious fruits! Here we have litchi, dragon fruit, mangosteen, yangmei, mango, pear and peach. 
Well, this was my weekend. Today I will go with a collegue to check out the tennis courts. He just started playing tennis and I want to see if there is a possiblity for me to practice some tennis here as well. 
See you later! 

#9 Life at the office

Publicerad 2016-06-29 08:54:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

After two weeks here I really feel that I have gotten used the way of life here in Shanghai. Time is really flying by and I feel like august is getting closer faster and faster for each day. I am really enjoying working here and I always look forward to meeting everybody in the morning. There are a lot people that i have yet to introduce to the blog. Being here has also done great things to my chinese. Even if I have considered myself to be rather fluent in Chinese, I have so much still to learn. Everyday here is like a chinese lesson for me, I learn business related words as well as everyday slang. There are a lot of abbreviations and quotes in the everyday language and there are new ones created all the time. 
Right now I am working on my induvidual project as well as with the online marketing team. There is a lot of excting new things coming and it is a lot of fun be part of making it happen. My own project requires looking at a lot of statistics, even if it is very interesting to analyze, it is quite a relief to be able to sit back for a while and do something else than looking at numbers. 
Tomorrow Marcus is going back to the Stockholm office. He has been working closely with the online marketing team, which is where I sit. It has been fun to have a swede here at the office to talk to sometimes and I will definitely miss discussing chinese food and culture from a swedish point of view. Apart from talking swedish, it is also a pity because I probably will not eat any indian food for lunch anymore, since he is one of the few ones that eats it here. The office will miss you, Marcus! 
Marcus, Justine and I at Marcus' favorite indian restaurant here in Shanghai. I do not eat indian food in Stockholm, but I think I might start because it is absolutely delicious! 
All the best

#8 Photo bomb!

Publicerad 2016-06-29 05:19:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Good morning!
Weekend has gone by very fast, it is already wednesday now. I have been here for exactly two weeks and it feels like time is just flying by. The weekend has been quite eventful and I finally got to do some sightseeing around the city, mainly French concession but also other districts. On saturday I also treated myself with a nice massage, the prices (compared to Stockholm) are really reasonable. I paid 308 rmb for my 90-minute session which in Sweden would cost at least 1000 sek, guess who's going back again? Saturday evening I went to a night club with a group of people, both old and new people. Clubbing in Shanghai is a must, extravagant, but so much fun! 
I spent my saturday walking around French concession, such a nice and cozy district
The houses were so beautiful. East meets west
I think allies like this is part of the reason why French concession is a very popular district among expats 
The metro is a great way to get around Shanghai
So many metro lines... compare this to Stockholm's three lines 
Sunday was quite a chill day, my sister and I went to wash our hair at the hair salon I wrote about in an earlier post. The workers there are a lot of fun and to them we are very exciting, both because we are from Sweden and also because we are so tall. We took a picture with them after which you can see below. The evening was spent in XinTianDi, an area with a lot of western influences. The building are very modern and there are a lot of european style bars, especially bavarian ones. They really went all in Bavarian with the dirndl and lederhosen, quite fun to see.

My handpicked team of hair stylists haha. They are really funny so I think that they earned a place on the blog 
Sunday evening my sister and I went to XinTianDi, an area with a lot of "western" influences 
We walked around bars and restaurants, a lot of German bars there 
Modern buildings in XinTianDi 
Tuesday evening I went to eat korean BBQ with some friends I met last week. Daleem is korean so she knew a good place for good korean food. We had meat of course, but also a lot of other small dishes such as Pajeon, a seafood pancake which I have craved ever since I ate it in Seoul a year ago. This one was not as good as the one in Seoul, but still very tasty. 
Went with a few friends to a Korean restaurant in Pudong. Forgot to take pictures of all of them since they were a bit late so here is one of Daleem from Korea. 
All the best! 

#7 仲夏节快乐!Happy Midsummer!

Publicerad 2016-06-25 09:26:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Hope everybody's midsummer was good! It is saturday today and I am at the office writing this post because I left my laptop here. Yesterday was midsummer and I had such a great time! In China midsummer is not a holiday so it was a normal work day here in Shanghai. I had signed up for the annual midsummer party hosted by Swedish young professionals because it is midsummer, you know? The event was at Four Seasons hotel (run by a swede) and we were out on the terasse with a very nice view of the city. What surprised me was that there were so many attending, it must have been about 100 people there at least. Dinner consisted of traditional swedish foods, my favorite was the salmon of course, but everything else was really good as well. I met some people that I knew from before, but I also got to know a lot of people during the dinner, chinese as well as swedish. My sister is here visiting too, so she tagged along. According to the chinese people I talked to, who were representatives from a company that sponored the event, the swedes are much better at partying than norweigans, haha! Yesterday night was no exception and we all ended up having a good time dancing in a local night club here in Shanghai. 
Now I am heading out, tonight is a good bye party for a an american guy from last night, apparentely he and a bunch of swedes live just right by me, pretty great I think! 
Happy saturday!

#6 So much food!

Publicerad 2016-06-23 04:34:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Good morning! 
It is 9 a.m in the morning in the morning here and I just got to the office. Terperature will be very high today which I could really feel on my way over here, at 9 a.m it already felt like a sauna outside. Today my sister will arrive in town and I will take her to eat some soup dumplings tonight. She is only staying for the weekend, but she will be able to attend the midsummer party arranged by Young Professionals Shanghai. It should be quite fun and what other better way to spend midsummer than with Swedes? 
The online marketing team! (Justine added some bling to the picture)  From top left: Yolanna, Justine, Me, Robin and Ansel. The little stuffed animal is called ”小欧“ or "Little O", cute right?
Jason, our Heaf of Operations. He has been with the company the longest and he is very funny! 
Yesterday I continued to work on my projects, there a lot of material to go through and HR will arrange for me to get an through introduction on all the different divisions here. Until then I will try to work out as many questions as possible so I can get as much information as possible to use in my projects. For lunch we had sushi, it was quite good and I ate a lot! Charlie, the IT manager, told us (foreigners) a lot about strange food in China and it reached a whole other level of weirdness as supposed to what I knew from before. China is truly one of a kind. 
A few of Oriflame's many products here in China 
And here also 
After I got off work, Yifang and I went to dinner at her favorite french bistro, owned by a french guy. We ordered duckleg confit, a meat and cheese platter and a glass of wine each. Itwas delicious, probably the best french bistro that I have been to outside of France. The total price for the whole dinner was 300 rmb each. Considering the amount of food and the quality, I think it was a bargain. We stayed at the bistro until quite late, but we had a lot to talk about because Yifang is just like me, a swede with a chinese background. She has worked here for about 7 years now and she is loving it. We discussed living in China, differences in culture, education etc. It was interesting to get her point of view and we had similar opinions about most things. 
That is enough at the moment, now I need to start working on my projects. :) 

#5 Board game tuesday!

Publicerad 2016-06-21 19:39:00 i Allmänt

Evening everybody! 
Sitting here writing with a european soccer championship game going on, Germany vs. Northern Ireland. Tomorrow is Sweden, let's hope they will win this one! I just got back home after meeting up with some expats here in Shanghai. We sat in a bar and played some board games. It was really fun, especially a game that is called "Resistant". I never played it before, but I am glad I know about it now! It is pretty complicated to explain but in a nutshell, try to get people to believe you are one of the good guys. The best of all was that I got to know a lot of nice people from the U.S, Korea, Ireland, Germany etc. We are going to eat at restaurants together which I am just trilled about, there is so many restaurants that I want to try here! 
I went to a place for Shanghainese soup dumplings, it was absolutely amazing. I also promised my newly found friends to take them there some time so I will definitely go back! 
At the office today I started the day off with a meeting together with Marcus and Justine about my project. Yesterday I had prepared an overall plan over my projects and some questions that I needed answers to. We discussed statistics and Oriflame's unique business model. It is very interesting how they work with consultants and direct selling (Consultants are the people that sell the Oriflame products). Knowing more about Oriflame as a company, it really makes me proud to work here. Oriflame offers a chance for people to take control of their own lives, not by simply handing out money, but by enabling them to start their own business, selling Oriflame products. It feels good to know that you are working towards improving the lives of other people. 
In the afternoon I joined the online marketing team for a meeting/brainstorming about ideas around some products. It was quite entertaining to hear about the ideas that they had and also giving my own opinions about it. The meeting really gave me an insight on what the chinese people like and dislike, and it is so different from Sweden. I do not think that two months are enough for me, there is too many interesting topics!
Now I really need to sleep, good night!


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