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#8 Photo bomb!

Publicerad 2016-06-29 05:19:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Good morning!
Weekend has gone by very fast, it is already wednesday now. I have been here for exactly two weeks and it feels like time is just flying by. The weekend has been quite eventful and I finally got to do some sightseeing around the city, mainly French concession but also other districts. On saturday I also treated myself with a nice massage, the prices (compared to Stockholm) are really reasonable. I paid 308 rmb for my 90-minute session which in Sweden would cost at least 1000 sek, guess who's going back again? Saturday evening I went to a night club with a group of people, both old and new people. Clubbing in Shanghai is a must, extravagant, but so much fun! 
I spent my saturday walking around French concession, such a nice and cozy district
The houses were so beautiful. East meets west
I think allies like this is part of the reason why French concession is a very popular district among expats 
The metro is a great way to get around Shanghai
So many metro lines... compare this to Stockholm's three lines 
Sunday was quite a chill day, my sister and I went to wash our hair at the hair salon I wrote about in an earlier post. The workers there are a lot of fun and to them we are very exciting, both because we are from Sweden and also because we are so tall. We took a picture with them after which you can see below. The evening was spent in XinTianDi, an area with a lot of western influences. The building are very modern and there are a lot of european style bars, especially bavarian ones. They really went all in Bavarian with the dirndl and lederhosen, quite fun to see.

My handpicked team of hair stylists haha. They are really funny so I think that they earned a place on the blog 
Sunday evening my sister and I went to XinTianDi, an area with a lot of "western" influences 
We walked around bars and restaurants, a lot of German bars there 
Modern buildings in XinTianDi 
Tuesday evening I went to eat korean BBQ with some friends I met last week. Daleem is korean so she knew a good place for good korean food. We had meat of course, but also a lot of other small dishes such as Pajeon, a seafood pancake which I have craved ever since I ate it in Seoul a year ago. This one was not as good as the one in Seoul, but still very tasty. 
Went with a few friends to a Korean restaurant in Pudong. Forgot to take pictures of all of them since they were a bit late so here is one of Daleem from Korea. 
All the best! 


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