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6. Presentation and Deadlines

Publicerad 2017-06-28 20:13:00 i Anton in Russia

Привет! (hello!)

This week I have been once again been diving into marketing trends and concepts. The Monday was spent preparing for a mid-project presentation I had on Tuesday. I have also deadlines for some objectives coming up so it’s I’ve been focusing on to get my material ready.

Mid-project presentation

This Tuesday I presented what I’ve have come up with so far in my research. I presented for the main stakeholders I must relate to in the communication project: Linda, Olga and the channel managers Kirill, Anna and Maria. Everyone had already got a pdf with 100 slides the evening before and so I only presented a ‘summarized’ version on the meeting. You can only do so much in one hour! I still had more than 50 slides with content that I couldn’t exclude. The meeting went alright. I presented briefly on all covered issues in a rather fast pace. There was some good discussion between the sections of the presentation, which is good. It is the whole idea of what I’m doing here. I’m trying to come up with input that makes people think about how things regarding the different communication channels can be done better or that maybe aren’t being done at all now


 Focused Oriflamians. Great deeds in the making.

The week progresses

Since the presentation on Tuesday I’ve been diving into the research again. I must finish some material for Kirill and Maria by the end of the week so there’s no time to waste. :) Sometimes I miss out on breakfast at home when I feel it is being better spent either sleeping or working. Thankfully, there are protein shakes and powder soups in the kitchen corner of the office. It a real lifesaver.

 Oriflame Wellness products - real lifesavers!

This weekend I’m looking forward to go to the banya to say farewell to a friend who’s leaving Moscow for new pastures. It will be an awesome reward for diligent work.



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