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4. Midsummer celebrations and team-bonding amid all work

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Sofar this week I’ve stayed busy with my project assignments. This week I and Olga met with Maria, another channel manager to her what kind of research she needed. I also got an addition from one the other channel managers. So now I have a lot to do but I have the full picture.

Midsummer celebrations

This week we’ve had a pair of social events at work. This Tuesday we celebrated Swedish midsummer with some traditional dance and song, followed by some cake. I had the responsibility to prepare songs and dance so I had chosen “Prastens Lilla Kraka” for song and dance and “Helan Gar” for a toast afterward. Johan Rosenberg, who heads the CIS-region opened the celebrations before he gave me the word. It was fun to take charge and demonstrate the songs and dance before encouraging everyone to do it all together. It was a nice fika and a good chance for all locals to bond with Oriflame’s Swedish heritage.

 Mmm all the good stuff


This Wednesday we had a team event so the team had a chance to get to know everyone a bit better. We started after lunch with Linda presenting the day’s agenda: strategy discuassions, individual plan reviews and strategy workshops. Linda did not have any poker face so after 10 seconds she stopped pretending that we should do all this ‘boring’ work before all the ‘fun’. I thought it sounded interesting. Anyway, we dropped everything and went to an art studio, where we painted pictures in groups. Linda will hang the paintings in her office. After that we went home to Linda’s place for dinner and drinks. Overall, it was a great day and I think I got the chance of knowing the team a bit better. :)

 A lot of creativity going on.
 Oriflame products run in their veins. :)
 The end result of my group's creative effort.
All the best,


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