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3. Thursday at the Office and Ramadan feast

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It's Thursday and the second week of my internship in the Istanbul office. This weekend is the end of Ramadan and here in Istanbul people traditionally go home to visit their parents for the feast. A few people have already left the office for a longer vacation at home, but the rest of us are free from the weekend and until Tuesday next week. I will take the opportunity go home to Sweden for the midsummer weekend and hug some friends and family. But before I go home I have some work finish at the office.

I will take the opportunity to explain a bit more about the project that I am conducting here in Turkey today. As I mentioned before I will be analyzing the margins of Turkey's product offers. My project is divided into three steps; first I will prepare a bunch of reports with financial data for a few consecutive years, then I will analyze the margin reports to find where Oriflame Turkey loose and gain margin and finally I will give recommendations for the future business of Oriflame Turkey.

Right now I'm in the process of creating the financial reports based on figures like sales, number of sold items, margin and so on. There are a lot of new terms and calculations to learn, since Oriflame has a few specially developed KIP:s for their business and the fact that I have not studied a lot of economics before. I think that I will learn a lot in the end though.

Today we also got the products that we ordered for the june catalogue - it's like Christmas! Every month the employees of Oriflame are able tro try five products from the current catalogue, best first hands on experince I have ever had. I will try the products that I ordered and give you a review later on. But the first impression is pretty great, right? :)




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