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Morocco with summer intern, Anna Edding Heijde

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Bonjour, مرحبا !

I am Anna, the summer intern in Morocco, Casablanca. I will start by giving you a short introduction of myself and then turn the focus to how it is to be a summer internt at Oriflamme in the, to pick the right word, fascinating country Morocco.

Currently I am doing my master at Stockholm School of Economics where I major in management. I developed an interest for the world early on when I at the age of 17 moved to Spain to do my second year of high school at El Colegio Sueco and stayed with a Spanish family. Since then, I have both lived in and visited many more countries and kept being curious about cultures, other markets and the opportunities of doing business across boarders. Hence, Oriflame has for long time been an attractive company for me as a successful Swedish enterprise, with a presence in many interesting and also challenging markets. Therefore, I decided to apply for the position as a global summer intern, and was thrilled when I got the placement, Morocco!

Morocco is everything that I expected it to be, but at the same time not at all. Just like I thought, Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, is hectic - everywhere you go there are a lot of people moving and the traffic is unorganized and pretty intense. Alongside this you have the markets full of colors, clothes, mats, moroccan lamps, spices and such. The culture and traditions are strongly precent, and I timed Ramadan, which is an interesting and educating experience where people are fasting during the whole day until sunset. One of my favorite things about Casablanca is that it is situated by the coast and after finishing work I can just grab a cab, which costs me around 20 SEK, to the beach and there are waves, sun and surf.

One of my biggest surprises here has been the people. I thought that Moroccans would be just like anyone else, but it is amazing how warm and inviting they are. They are one of the most hospitable people I have ever met - helping me with everything, inviting me to their homes and wanting me to feel part of them and their families.

At work it is the same. Before arriving I got emails from most of the managers and others wishing me welcome to the Oriflame office and the team. My impression after my first work week is that Moroccans are dedicated and hard workers, and also very helpful and polite. Everyone greets you in the morning and always makes sure that you are included in the different discussions, quickly changing from French or Arabic to English when I am present. Mattias, the managing director of Morocco, has placed me on two very interesting project - one within marketing and one within operations. The first is regarding CSR where I will be part of developing their CSR profile here on the Moroccan market. Within operations I am working with the different branches to increase productivity and efficiency. My projects are planned so I get a great insight into the whole organization, from the grassroots the whole way up to the top. They also include a lot of travels, which gives me an opportunity to see all the major cities in Morocco and meet the consultants from different areas.

After having been here only a week, I have so much more I want to share, but I think these pictures will tell you more than any further words.
Casablanca landmark, the third largest mosque in the world - Hassan II Mosque
At the branch in Rabat, together with some of the many inspiring consultants and prospects. 
The typical Moroccan tea served twice a day at the office. (not during Ramadan)
At the beach in front of a small surf club I found. After work on a Tuesday.
La Medina. The market.
Sunday, funday. Playing together with one of Mattias's wonderful kids at their home in Casablanca.

The projects at Oriflame Indonesia

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Now we have been here for three weeks and we are focusing on the two projects that are the most time sensitive. The first project is called “removals” and our goal is to identify concepts that aim to lower the removal rate and increase activity among consultants. With the removal rate we mean the percentage of consultants (direct sales people) that has become inactive for more than three months. In order for us to come up with solutions to this problem, we are currently focusing on identifying what it is that makes the consultants becoming inactive for more than three months. To identify this, we have interviewed top leader consultants and sent out surveys to all the 14 branches in Indonesia and the inactive consultants - so at the moment, we are analyzing the answers and will hopefully soon be able to recommend solutions that will decrease the removal rate.

The second project is called the “CRM project”, where Oriflame Indonesia seeks to evaluate the possibility of implementing a local CRM (customer relationship management) system. Here we are working on sorting out the CRM djungle by identifying both key factors for Oriflame to have in a CRM system, and identify what kind of system and supplier Oriflame is looking for.

The projects are challenging and really fun, and we hope and believe that we will be able to contribute to the Oriflame business by coming up with project solutions. We are working 100% during the weeks, and this weekend we are going to take a trip to Bali again (and the next weekend we are going to Singapore!). So the weeks are filled with challenging work and the weekends with alot of travel and fun - a great combination.

After the interview with one of out top consultants in Indonesia, Rosa. 

At Kota Tua - old town in Jakarta. 
Here we'er at lunch with colleagues from the office 
Our great brand and communications director Roslina celebrated the Swedish midsummer by coloring her nails according to the Swedish flag. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!





Greetings from Jakarta!

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The first week in Jakarta has come to an end and there are so many new impressions. Jakarta has around 20 million inhabitant and the infrastructure is not quite adapted for that amount of people. This leads to a lot of people at the same place at the same time relative to what we are used to in Sweden, and especially a lot more traffic. However, Oriflame has arranged for us to live near the office, so we have a short walking distance to the office every morning, and can avoid the heavy traffic.

I and Filippa have received three different projects that we are going to work with during our time here. We will work with them together and coordinate the tasks in between us to reach the goals and I think we will make an excellent team!

The first weekend was spent in Bali, the paradise Island just 1.5h by airplane from Jakarta. We left Jakarta after work Friday evening, and came back to Jakarta Sunday evening - it was the perfect getaway from the large city. Bali is very beautiful and exotic, and our colleague Rambo was the perfect guide and host, showing us several beautiful spots around the island.

This is at the Oriflame office in Jakarta with Ehsan, the Operation Director in Indonesia (Lydia to the left, and Filippa på the right)
At the hotel pool in Bali 
Seminyak beach 
Sunset in Bali 
Morning horseback riding at the beach 
Sunday at El Kabron before going back to Jakarta for a new week at the office 
Have a great week! 

Filippa och Lydia- Före avresan

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Vi heter Filippa von Schoultz och Lydia Graflund och kommer att blogga från vår tid med Oriflame i Indonesiens huvudstad Jakarta. Det kommer bli en fantastisk upplevelse och det är dessutom otroligt roligt att få berätta om våra erfarenheter här.

Kort om mig, Filippa, så har jag precis gått ut tredje året på Handelshögskolans program Retail management och kommer under hösten börja mastern i Marketing and Media management. Jag har innan dess en mängd internationella erfarenheter från att ha både bott och jobbat i USA och Frankrike vilket har gjort att jag tidigare sökt mig till företag av internationell karaktär och fått mycket erfarenhet från att jobba för EF Education First. Förutom internationell erfarenhet men dessutom ett stort intresse för kosmetik vilket bidrar till att just jobba för Oriflame kommer bli fantastiskt kul. Jag hamnade på Oriflame av att jag föregående år var en del av ett utbytesprojekt i Tokyo där jag blev rekommenderad vidare till Oriflames Global Summer Internship. Efter många olika delmoment i intervjuprocessen så blev jag erbjuden att åka till Jakarta i Indonesien vilket var det land som jag hade hoppats på! Jag blev självklart även otroligt glad att Lydia också blev placerad i Jakarta.

Jag, Lydia, har precis avklarat mitt första år på masterprogrammet Business Management på Handelshögskolan, och har sedan tidigare en kandidatexamen från skolans ekonomiprogram. Efter andra året på kandidatprogrammet tog jag ett sabbatsår och reste i Australien/Asien och har på så vis erfarenhet från att resa i liknande förhållanden som i Jakarta, vilket känns givande nu när vi befinner oss i vad i folkmun kallas Asiens business HUB. Precis som Filippa har jag tidigare arbetat på EF Education First, vilket jag gjorde innan jag avslutade mitt tredje år och därefter påbörjade masterprogrammet.

Det är just nu mindre än en vecka kvar till vår avfärd och vi har ända sedan Januari haft en mängd förberedelser för resan. Vi har nästan blivit bortskämda av all den hjälp vi fått från kontoret i Jakarta med allt från stora saker så som lägenhet till små saker som simkort till telefoner. Vi har även fått våra visum och vaccinationer och är i stort sätt redo att åka.

Vad man har börjat fundera mycket på är just packningen och framförallt dresscode på kontoret. Kombinationen av buisness casual, tropisk värme och en muslimsk kultur är någonting man måste tänka till för att få ihop. Det kommer bli veckans uppgift att uppdatera garderoben för detta.

Vi ska under sommaren berätta om våra erfarenheter och det ska bli otroligt roligt. Nästa inlägg kommer bli efter vi har landat i Jakarta och lyckats installera oss mer i staden och på vårt nya kontor.

Filippa & Lydia


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