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The projects at Oriflame Indonesia

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Now we have been here for three weeks and we are focusing on the two projects that are the most time sensitive. The first project is called “removals” and our goal is to identify concepts that aim to lower the removal rate and increase activity among consultants. With the removal rate we mean the percentage of consultants (direct sales people) that has become inactive for more than three months. In order for us to come up with solutions to this problem, we are currently focusing on identifying what it is that makes the consultants becoming inactive for more than three months. To identify this, we have interviewed top leader consultants and sent out surveys to all the 14 branches in Indonesia and the inactive consultants - so at the moment, we are analyzing the answers and will hopefully soon be able to recommend solutions that will decrease the removal rate.

The second project is called the “CRM project”, where Oriflame Indonesia seeks to evaluate the possibility of implementing a local CRM (customer relationship management) system. Here we are working on sorting out the CRM djungle by identifying both key factors for Oriflame to have in a CRM system, and identify what kind of system and supplier Oriflame is looking for.

The projects are challenging and really fun, and we hope and believe that we will be able to contribute to the Oriflame business by coming up with project solutions. We are working 100% during the weeks, and this weekend we are going to take a trip to Bali again (and the next weekend we are going to Singapore!). So the weeks are filled with challenging work and the weekends with alot of travel and fun - a great combination.

After the interview with one of out top consultants in Indonesia, Rosa. 

At Kota Tua - old town in Jakarta. 
Here we'er at lunch with colleagues from the office 
Our great brand and communications director Roslina celebrated the Swedish midsummer by coloring her nails according to the Swedish flag. 

Have a great Tuesday everyone!






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