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10. Last week in Istanbul

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Today I began my last week of my internship here in Istanbul. This internship has been an adventure and I have learned a lot about Oriflame, Istanbul, Turkish culture, product categories and to work in an other country. It is with mixed feelings that I will leave for Sweden on Friday. On one hand I look forward to some vacation and seeing my family and boyfriend, but on the other I will miss Istanbul where everyday brings knew knowledge and surprises.


This week I have my final presentation for our Turkey CEO, Johan, and I will be working on finishing everything in the best possible way until then. Today I received additional feedback from our marking manager, Muge, which helps me improve my presentation. I'm very grateful for her enthusiasm and help. I keep my fingers crossed for a successful final presentation on Wednesday!

This weekend I took the opportunity to do some shopping, suntanning and visiting some of the places that I have really come to like here in Istanbul. I went to my two favourite breakfast places, Mangerie and Aheste and had turkish breakfast.I went suntanning and swimming in a pool with a friend. I went to the really nice areas Besiktas and Karaköy for some food and shopping. And I walked the beach promenade by the Bosphorous. I have come to like Istanbul a lot and will definitly be back in the future.Pancakes at Aheste

Bosphorous view on the bridge by EminönuBebek beach promenade




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