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Sorry for the bad update lately, internet is quite slow so it is hard to find enough time to upload my photos. 
This weekend have have been able to squeeze in quite a lot. On friday I went to dinner with some friends that I met at the midsummer party. We ate sichuan food, which is famous for being quite spicy. It was relly good and Maya ordered a basil drink for us which was dangerously delicious... After the dinner we went to some rooftop bars by the bund. The view is just gorgeous and so were the drinks. I am sorry to say that I forgot to take some pictures while we were there but at least I took some from the resaturant! 
At the Sichuan restaurant, it is not as spicy as it looks, but they do like their spicy food! 
The basil drinks were sooo good! 
Fortunately I am one of those few who has yet to experience the horrors of hangover (hopefully I never will). I booked train tickets to Wenzhou, the city where my family comes from. The train was scheduled to leave at 06.30 saturday morning which meant that I got very little sleep that night. I had to wake up at 04.00 because I wanted to make sure to be at the train station on time to catch the train, especially since I had to get a taxi early in the morning with rain pooring down. 
I must say that the trains in China are surprisingly good. Trains were very modern and clean, the station had a lot of shops and restaurants opened even though it was so early in the morning. Cleaniness is by all means very important, but what impressed me the most (being from Sweden), was the PUNCTUALITY. At 06.30 sharp, we left the Hongqiao station. 
The Highspeed bullet train to Wenzhou at Hongqiao station
After about 3 hours, I arrived at the train station in Wenzhou where my uncle picked me up. We went to see my grandmother in the hospital, she fell and hurt herself sometime ago and is still has not recovered enough to go back home. We stayed there and just kept her company while we ate her lunch. When she went to sleep my unlce and I left to get 猪肠粉 (ZhuChangFen), a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. It is rice noodles in soup and I just love it, probably because it tastes like my childhood. 
It has become a thing that I always get foot massage when I go to Wenzhou, which was exactely what we did after lunch. Compared to Sweden it is very cheap, and you get a lot of value for the money you pay. Both me and my uncle fell asleep during the treatment. After my early morning, it was a very much needed and appreciated nap. 
My uncle brought me to eat a specialty in Wenzhou and a favorite of mine since I was little, 猪肠粉 (ZhuChangFen) 
On sunday we went to see my grandmother again, I am glad to have the opportunity to see her because it is a rarity. She has been very present during most of my childhood and it only feels right to take care of her whenever I can. We stayed there a little longer this time and then my uncle, his wife and I went to a last lunch before I had to take the train back to Shanghai. 
We also ate some dishes from the northeastern part of China, this is 凉皮 (LiangPi)
China has so many delicious fruits! Here we have litchi, dragon fruit, mangosteen, yangmei, mango, pear and peach. 
Well, this was my weekend. Today I will go with a collegue to check out the tennis courts. He just started playing tennis and I want to see if there is a possiblity for me to practice some tennis here as well. 
See you later! 


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