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#4 Projects are taking form!

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Monday again and today was yet another exciting day at the office. The day started with me reading up on Oriflame's online marketing. Here in China they use an app called wechat. It has an amazing amount of functions that is equivalent to at least 5-7 different apps we use in the the rest of the world, if not more. You can use it as a social platform to chat with friends, subscribe to blogs, do flight check in, play games, read news, pay for things etc. It was very interesting to read about and this is also my main focus area during my time here. :) 
Internet is good at the office so I was able to upload some pictures of the office, take a look! 
When you walk into the office you are met by Sara, our receptionst. She did not want to be in the picture yet, because her eye is swollen. 
On the other side of the entrance you have a nice seating area with a big map where the regional offices are shown. 
In the beginning we thought that I would do one project, but there so many things that I want to dig into so we ended up dividing it into two projects with focus on CRM: The first project is about analyzing the effects of one of the online marketing channels that Oriflame are using, and the second one is about analyzing which online marketing channel that is more effective. I got lot of statistics to run through, but I do not mind that since it is so interesting. I will keep you posted as the project progresses. 
An exercise area in case you feel like you have been sitting at your desk for too long
For lunch Charlie (the IT manager), Yolanna and Robin took me to a restaurant which served rabbit. I think this is the first time I am trying this, and it was really good. I like the food culture here in China where you order a few dishes that you can share, instead of ordering a big meal for yourself. This way you get to try many dishes at the same time. 
My sweet collegues, all of them are working in the online marketing team. From left we have Ansel, Yolanna, Robin and Doreen (Justine, the online marketing manager, was not here when I took the picture)
Now I really have to get some dinner, it is time to finally eat the famous 上海小笼包 (Shanghai soup dumplings), It is simply amazing, I have eating it once in Xian yeeeears ago, but I have never forgotten it. SO EXCITED! 
Of course we will end this post with a giant picture of Oriflame's logo! :) 
All the best! 


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