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#6 So much food!

Publicerad 2016-06-23 04:34:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

Good morning! 
It is 9 a.m in the morning in the morning here and I just got to the office. Terperature will be very high today which I could really feel on my way over here, at 9 a.m it already felt like a sauna outside. Today my sister will arrive in town and I will take her to eat some soup dumplings tonight. She is only staying for the weekend, but she will be able to attend the midsummer party arranged by Young Professionals Shanghai. It should be quite fun and what other better way to spend midsummer than with Swedes? 
The online marketing team! (Justine added some bling to the picture)  From top left: Yolanna, Justine, Me, Robin and Ansel. The little stuffed animal is called ”小欧“ or "Little O", cute right?
Jason, our Heaf of Operations. He has been with the company the longest and he is very funny! 
Yesterday I continued to work on my projects, there a lot of material to go through and HR will arrange for me to get an through introduction on all the different divisions here. Until then I will try to work out as many questions as possible so I can get as much information as possible to use in my projects. For lunch we had sushi, it was quite good and I ate a lot! Charlie, the IT manager, told us (foreigners) a lot about strange food in China and it reached a whole other level of weirdness as supposed to what I knew from before. China is truly one of a kind. 
A few of Oriflame's many products here in China 
And here also 
After I got off work, Yifang and I went to dinner at her favorite french bistro, owned by a french guy. We ordered duckleg confit, a meat and cheese platter and a glass of wine each. Itwas delicious, probably the best french bistro that I have been to outside of France. The total price for the whole dinner was 300 rmb each. Considering the amount of food and the quality, I think it was a bargain. We stayed at the bistro until quite late, but we had a lot to talk about because Yifang is just like me, a swede with a chinese background. She has worked here for about 7 years now and she is loving it. We discussed living in China, differences in culture, education etc. It was interesting to get her point of view and we had similar opinions about most things. 
That is enough at the moment, now I need to start working on my projects. :) 


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