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#5 Board game tuesday!

Publicerad 2016-06-21 19:39:00 i Allmänt

Evening everybody! 
Sitting here writing with a european soccer championship game going on, Germany vs. Northern Ireland. Tomorrow is Sweden, let's hope they will win this one! I just got back home after meeting up with some expats here in Shanghai. We sat in a bar and played some board games. It was really fun, especially a game that is called "Resistant". I never played it before, but I am glad I know about it now! It is pretty complicated to explain but in a nutshell, try to get people to believe you are one of the good guys. The best of all was that I got to know a lot of nice people from the U.S, Korea, Ireland, Germany etc. We are going to eat at restaurants together which I am just trilled about, there is so many restaurants that I want to try here! 
I went to a place for Shanghainese soup dumplings, it was absolutely amazing. I also promised my newly found friends to take them there some time so I will definitely go back! 
At the office today I started the day off with a meeting together with Marcus and Justine about my project. Yesterday I had prepared an overall plan over my projects and some questions that I needed answers to. We discussed statistics and Oriflame's unique business model. It is very interesting how they work with consultants and direct selling (Consultants are the people that sell the Oriflame products). Knowing more about Oriflame as a company, it really makes me proud to work here. Oriflame offers a chance for people to take control of their own lives, not by simply handing out money, but by enabling them to start their own business, selling Oriflame products. It feels good to know that you are working towards improving the lives of other people. 
In the afternoon I joined the online marketing team for a meeting/brainstorming about ideas around some products. It was quite entertaining to hear about the ideas that they had and also giving my own opinions about it. The meeting really gave me an insight on what the chinese people like and dislike, and it is so different from Sweden. I do not think that two months are enough for me, there is too many interesting topics!
Now I really need to sleep, good night!


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