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#9 Life at the office

Publicerad 2016-06-29 08:54:00 i Isabella in Shanghai

After two weeks here I really feel that I have gotten used the way of life here in Shanghai. Time is really flying by and I feel like august is getting closer faster and faster for each day. I am really enjoying working here and I always look forward to meeting everybody in the morning. There are a lot people that i have yet to introduce to the blog. Being here has also done great things to my chinese. Even if I have considered myself to be rather fluent in Chinese, I have so much still to learn. Everyday here is like a chinese lesson for me, I learn business related words as well as everyday slang. There are a lot of abbreviations and quotes in the everyday language and there are new ones created all the time. 
Right now I am working on my induvidual project as well as with the online marketing team. There is a lot of excting new things coming and it is a lot of fun be part of making it happen. My own project requires looking at a lot of statistics, even if it is very interesting to analyze, it is quite a relief to be able to sit back for a while and do something else than looking at numbers. 
Tomorrow Marcus is going back to the Stockholm office. He has been working closely with the online marketing team, which is where I sit. It has been fun to have a swede here at the office to talk to sometimes and I will definitely miss discussing chinese food and culture from a swedish point of view. Apart from talking swedish, it is also a pity because I probably will not eat any indian food for lunch anymore, since he is one of the few ones that eats it here. The office will miss you, Marcus! 
Marcus, Justine and I at Marcus' favorite indian restaurant here in Shanghai. I do not eat indian food in Stockholm, but I think I might start because it is absolutely delicious! 
All the best


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