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11. Friend visited and end presentation coming up

Publicerad 2017-07-31 20:55:00 i Anton in Russia

Hello hello!

Lately, I’ve been finalizing the end presentation of my project and my dear friend Andreas visited over the weekend.

Visit from my friend Andreas

My friend Andreas flew in last Thursday and stayed until early Monday morning. There has been plenty of roof top bars, good food and drinks. He arrived Thursday afternoon and we just went out for food in the evening. He spent the Friday river cruising and walking around in the city center while I was at work. In the evening, we went out for food and drinks. Before we called it an evening we took a drink at Kalina Bar, which has a good view of the city.

 View from Kalina Bar.

Saturday, we went to VDNHa, which is a large park with fountains, weird Soviet pavilions and a large green territory. We rented a couple of bikes to go around, which was nice. However, unfortunately the park is getting an extreme makeover renovation this year so basically the whole park except the green territory is a construction site. In the evening, we went out for some dinner and drinks together with my girlfriend. We ended the evening at O2 Bar, which is located on top of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel right next to the Kremlin. The view is unbeatable!

 Andreas in front of the Kosmonaut monument in VDNHa.
 Fountain in VDNHa.
 SU-27 Flanker on display in VDNHa.
 Andreas and Lolita at Karlson Restaurant.
View from O2 Bar of The Four Seasons Hotel, Old City Hall and the Kremlin.

The visit was rounded off with a trip to Sanduny, the oldest public banya here. Founded in 1808 it is still in the game. Nice way to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Now  it’s time for me to return to my preparations of my final presentation, which is due on Wednesday!



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