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5. Weekend in Istanbul

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This weekend my mom came to visit me here in Istanbul. The beautiful and modern Istanbul surprised her - she liked it a lot more than she thought that she would. I was offshore very happy that she was here and showed her around in the city. Mom happened to pick the warmest weekend here so far (and apparently also a record for this month in Istanbul I heard?) and we were sweating the entire weekend in 35-40°C. Puh!

When She arrived Friday afternoon I went to meet her at our hotel(The Marmara pera) and we went up for a drink on the hotel roof top bar. One big reason for choosing that hotel was that it had a pool on the rooftop, but the roof top bar was really amazing! The hotel is one of the highest buildings in the Pera area in Istanbul and you can see the entire city while lying in the pool or taking a drink in the bar. After telling mom about the different areas of Istanbul from above we went to eat traditional fish meze at a restaurant with a view of Bosporus. The food was not really her cup of tea, but at least she got to try some traditional Turkish food. 

Saturday morning, we woke up early to take the ferry to an island group called "Princess Islands" just outside of Istanbul, to escape the heat in the city. It was a pretty long and hot boat ride, but when we got there it was definitely worth it. We rented two sunbeds and one parasol and alternated between reading books and swimming in the ocean the entire day. 

On Sunday we sunbathed on the hotel rooftop and went for a city tour. We had seen a nice looking restaurant in our area the night before that we planned to visit for lunch, but when we came there they still only served Turkish breakfast (this was 3 pm...). Anyway, we decided to go for a second breakfast instead of lunch - and it was very tasty! It included all sorts of small dishes. Cheese, jams, olives, yoghurt - and everything in all you can eat style. I really want to go back to that place. The rest of day went by very fast and on Monday morning I hugged mom goodbye when I took the subway to the Oriflame office. Thank you so much for the visit mom!



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