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Introduction weeks in Delhi with Malin and Kendra

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Welcome to follow our exciting summer internship at Oriflame New Delhi, India. We joined two weeks back; however it feels that the time is passing by way to quickly. In this short period of time we have got a thoroughly introduction including important insights from all different departments within the organization. We have among many things been visiting the manufacturing facility located 30 minutes outside Delhi, more specifically in Greater Noida. Furthermore we have also got the great opportunity to participate at a 'Success Seminar' aiming to motivate and interact with the fantastic consultants.

While we are writing this post we are sitting in a cosy French cafe in Haus Khaz Villiage, which has become our favorite place to spend our spare time. In this genuine little charming village you found small jewelry boutiques, design clothes as well as a range of splendid restaurants with international appeal. We went here directly after a inspiring day at the office, as we attended our first catalogue launch here in Delhi. The event was totally FANTASTIC! We cheered, laughed and even shared a tear while hearing the honest and powerful testimonials from the leading consultants. Today when interacting with the consultants, we realized the power of the business opportunity at Oriflame and how Oriflame truly can fulfill people dreams. The top consultant which received a remarkable recognition today shared how Oriflame changed her life from being a housewife to a successful business women, which has resulted in that she can afford to send her son the an IVLY School.

We will share some pictures from our first two weeks in Delhi and at Oriflame. In the coming week we will introduce you to our individual projects that we will work hard with during this summer.

Malin and Kendra at the Factory visit.
Kendra and a top consultant
Kendra and Malin at the Catalogue Launch. The Oriflame thumb!
Midsummer Party at our friends house.

Malin swimming in a pool at a five star hotel that we checked in to in order to use the relax on a Sunday.
 Niklas (MD of India and Head of South Asia), Shefali (Area Director) with fabulous consultants at the catalogue launch the first of July.
Best Regards,
Malin and Kendra


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