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Week 4- Kendra Ibsen

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Hi everyone, Delhi is Calling,

Today I want to describe my project in more detail.

My project is called: "Increase the Product Culture in Oriflame India". This project is very extensive and the content of the project depend on how product culture is defined. The aim of my project is to improve the product culture internally and externally in India, where internally means the employees at Oriflame and externally the consultants. 

My project is divided into three modules; 1. Mapp the current situation of Product Culture in Oriflame India (product knowledge, trainings modules, launch material, Catalogue) 2. Do a competitor analysis with product culture in focus. 3. Suggest and propose different actions in order to enhance the product culture with the base of potential gaps and my own knowledge/experience (events, competition, better trainings, more efficient material etc.)

That is a short description of my project in. It is a very interactive and challenging project, because of the lack of numbers and clear measurements. I have got the opportunity to talk with employees all over India, with many leaders in India and the opportunity to work in different teams here at the HQ, since my project involve many departments.

In Oriflame it is all about taking own initiative and to shape your own project. I am also doing two projects besides my main project. These projects focus on to improve the Launch material towards the consultants and internally, with focus on the main Launches in 2014. I am going to create a 360 degree launch plan for these launches..

Since I have been at the field and visit leaders I want to show you some pictures. The lady Sangeeta, is #3 in India. She is fantastic!

Have a great Weekend, we will in Delhi!





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