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Fanny in Bangkok: Week 4

Publicerad 2013-09-10 05:25:00 i Allmänt

A new exciting week has just started! Sorry for bad update lately, time goes by so quickly and I have had too interesting work on my table - My beloved project! It has evolved to somewhat of a frienemy relationship; some days we are best friends, other days we just want to strangle each other. Since a major part of my project revolves around branding, a natural start was of course to learn more about Oriflame’s new brand promise: Your dreams – our inspiration. I fell head over heels in love with the brand story and was so thrilled to be the one delivering this fantastic concept by creating a work shop! Before I continue, I have to show you the “Your dreams – our inspiration” video!

After my initial crush on the new brand promise, we stepped into the next phase, which would be best described as despair. There is so much information circling around about our new brand promise and the Oriflame brand. At first everything seems so clear, but once you really start digging into it –you find a big rabbit hole! And this rabbit hole is filled with brand identity, brand personality, subbrand personalities, brand architecture, core values, mission and vision; you get the point don’t you? To collect all the information is easy, to sort the relevant out and structure it up is something else. Don’t get me wrong; it is very exciting and stimulating, sometimes even a little bit too interesting. I totally love analyzing the interrelations between the cornerstones; does the brand personality reflect the identity? How should the copy be written to deliver our new brand promise? How can we adapt our tone of voice to the subbrands, but remain the same brand identity? These are some questions related to my project. Hopefully I will have some answers to these questions soon, until then, wish me luck.


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