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4 weeks in Jakarta, Filippa von Schoultz and Lydia Graflund

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We have now been here in Jakarta for over a month and it starts to feel more and more like home. It is funny how a city that seemed so different when we first arrived now have turned into our new home. You start to find your way around in the city and we get to know more and more people. This makes us feel more and more like we actually live here and not like a vacation. This also contributes to making our projects more interesting because you start to understand the Indonesian market in a different way.

We are finishing one of our current projects, as you can see in the pictures below Lydia presented the CRM project and got a lot of positive feedback. We have also during the last weeks been analyzing the quantitative data from our market survey about dissatisfaction within Oriflame. We are now combining the results of the quantitative data with the results from our qualitative interviews to come up with our recommended solutions. At the same time we have also started our project on mapping the Oriflame training in Indonesia and will continue to work more with this after finishing our other project.

We have also been briefed about our next upcoming project. We will conduct a market research of the skincare category in Indonesia. Our research will be used for the next skincare product implementation of Oriflame. It is a really exciting project to start working on now since we have been here for over a month and we now have deeper insights of the Indonesian lifestyle.

When we are not at the office we have had time to make some more trips during the weekends. This weekend we went to Singapore with our friend Rambo from the office. Singapore is really an amazing city and I really appreciated to go there with someone like Rambo who actually knows the city. We mostly just walked around and did some sightseeing in the city and we also visited good restaurants and rooftop bars.

The weekend before that we went back to Bali for the second time. This trip was also with Rambo and other parts of the Oriflame staff since they were there for a conference meeting. This time we stayed in Nusa Dua and visited ancient temple ruins, monkey forests and of course some more beautiful beaches. Next weekend we have a trip to the Indonesian town Yogyakarta, we are planning to see more temples, some waterfalls and some more Indonesian landscape.



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