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Day 15 in Tunisia - The most important things in life aren't things

Publicerad 2016-07-01 11:48:53 i Denise in Tunisia

Bonsoir bonsoir!
Today I've been feeling much better and had a productive day at the office. I've been focusing most on the customer service online, at social medias and our website for example, and started yesterday to focus more on it offline. Oriflame is a company which really cares about people, and that goes out all the way from the employees, consultants to customers! One of the reasons why it feels valuable for me to focus on customer service.
Later on, I will be spending more time with the CS team, create online surveys and also talk to consultants to collect their impression, and finally have enough understanding to make an analysis and come up with conclusions and possible solutions. I admit I thought I could do everything quite fast(er) in the beginning of the week, but I realized that this is a big project which I really do need time to focus on. As with everything else - it's hard to understand what's good/bad, working well/not so well, if you don't have a good understanding of what really is good/bad and how things work. As everything is relevant, what does the competition look like and what does Oriflame do better/different? And will something that works in another country work as well in Tunisia? How many people use the different social medias, how do they use them and how do people behave here? A lot of questions that need to be answer in order to make a good job, which I'm determined to do!
Khaled and me! Khaled has a great interest in Russia, so when he is teaching me some Tunisian, I teach him some Russian.
After I got home I went for a run around 5.30 PM and did some workout as usual. Don't feel 100 % yet, but I hope it will get better. A really sweet thing happened when I was sitting and reading articles and doing sit-ups by the beach - a boy came forward and started to speak with me in Tunisian and wanted to take a photo with me, with my phone. After we had taken the photo, he said "Merci", then kissed me on the cheek and ran away, blushing. So cute!
I get quite a lot of interactions from people here in Tunisia, which I believe has to do mostly with that people like tourists, that I look different and that I do sports. Even if it feels strange sometimes (especially on the beach when I'm swimming) to take photos with people, I don't really mind it. When I lived in Asia, especially in China, people were so fascinated about Westerners because of their "white skin", "high nosebone", "double eyelids" and fair hair, and always wanted to take photos. I think it's nice that people can appreciate differences in our appearences, and find what's beautiful in our different features. If people want to take photos with me because they think I look exotic, I can deal with feeling a bit uncomofortable if it makes them happy.
Sunset 7.30 PM - can't get enough of this view
About clothes in Tunisia, that is another question that people from back home have asked me about. I thought that you had to be completely covered, like in India, and actually didn't bring much clothes from back home, since I thought that I would buy and wear the traditonal Tunisian clothes (which no one is wearing except for during celebrations, by the way). Where I live in Sidi Bou Saïd (and La Marsa) I have seen a lot of people with quite short shorts and dressed, even though it's Ramadan, and then people are even supposed to tone down their dressing style a bit. Apparently things will change a lot after Ramadan; clubs will open, there will be more people in the streets all the time and not only after 10 PM, and people will dress differently. I will therefore wait a bit to comment if people really dress like in Europe here, but as for me, I basically don't feel restricted at all.
I keep looking forward to learn more about this country and its people. I basically only spend time with Tunisians at and outside of work, and I really enjoy it and feel that I learn a lot from it. The world is really a big place, but the more you travel and see, the more you realize how similar people are and as someone at Oriflame wrote today; the most important things in life aren't things.
Warm regards from Tunisia!


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