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Week 4 in Tunisia - First week after Ramadan

Publicerad 2016-07-14 23:58:50 i Denise in Tunisia

Hi all! Update from Tunisia!
This week has been the first one after Ramadan and I can both feel and see the difference. At the office, people are even happier than before and the working hours are now longer than under Ramadan. Before when I had lunch I could sometimes feel very guilty, as I was the only one eating (openly, anyway), but now it can be crowded in the kitchen and people seem to have even more energy to work.
As I have mentioned, the main focus of my project is customer service, why it is important that I understand the whole process when it comes to claims, how the existing customer service works and that I do a lot of research myself for solutions and opportunities. I spent the whole Monday in the warehouse where all the products are stored. Consultants come to Oriflame to pick up and pay for their products that they later will sell, and Oriflame is also sending out products for Home Delivery and to SPO:s (Service Point Oriflame) around Tunisia. On Tuesday I was sitting with Rahma and Ines at the customer service desk the whole day, observing and learning. Yesteray and today I have been doing a lot of research myself, and been talking to more people at the office to get a clear understanding of things.
Me and Emira, Head of Marketing, today talking about different promotion strategies
I think it's going on good with the project, and I like that I need to be creative and very self-going when it comes to how I will get to the answer of things. At the same time, I have great support in all of my colleagues at the office, who I really have started to like after almost 3 weeks working.
Farewell for Senda who has been working in the sales team at Oriflame Tunisia
Today before we went home for the day, everyone gathered to say goodbye to an employee named Senda, who had her last day at Oriflame. Everyone was one by one giving her his/her best wishes for the future and you could really feel how warm people were. Having my Oriflame-email, I also receive goodbye-mails from people who of different reasons will finish their time at Oriflame, sent to many if not all Oriflame employees over the world. I think it's amazing to see how many people that seem to be so thankful and happy for their time at the company, and I can imagine that Oriflame is just such a company where previous colleagues actually keep contact with each other even afterwords.
Hope all is great with all of you - can't believe it's the 14th of July and that I left Stockholm the 15th of June. Time surely passes fast when you're having a great time.


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