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Day 10 & 11 in Tunisia - Nabeul and relaxed Sunday

Publicerad 2016-06-27 23:42:00 i Denise in Tunisia

During the Saturday I went with Safa, Rami and Rami's mother to Safa's house in a city called Nabeul, about 1,5 hour away from Tunis. I haven't eaten so much food for at least over one year! Since I am doing a bit of "Ramadan light" (often not eating in the day, just drinking, before 7.40 PM), I was super hungry. Safa's whole family was there; brothers, sisters, nieces, parents... Before we could start eating a bell rang, and then it was constant eating for one hour.
Amazing colors, apparently typical Tunisian
Safa's mother had been cooking for hours before we came. She then changed the spoon I was eating with, because she thought I should have the nicest one. True hospitality!
Safa's three brothers and Rami and me
 Dinner ready!
After the dinner it was first fruit as dessert, then Tunisian dessert (Tunisian cakes with coffee) and finally... this. The final (!) dessert made by 99% sugar.
In the evening we girls/women took a walk in Nabeul center, which was crowded around 11 PM. I don't know if I have ever been so full in my entire life, and it was hard to keep my eyes open in the car on our way back to Tunis later...
Yesterday, Sunday, was a complete relax day. I slept long, went for a run in the morning, went swimming, Skyped with my parents and went for dinner in the evening. Took care of things that needed to be taken care of and prepared for Monday.
Overall - a great weekend in Tunis! Can't believe I've only been here for 11 days - it feels way longer.


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