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Day 14 in Tunisia - Staff Iftar

Publicerad 2016-06-30 13:02:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good day!
Yesterday proceeded au Ramadan-style from 9 AM - 4.30 PM at the office, working on my project. It's really nice with an open working space. My colleagues are very open, friendly and willing to answer all my different questions - which mainly have to do with the e-profile and customer service at the moment. It feels like a very relevant topic, and I learn a lot while researching more and getting a deeper understanding of the different challenges and solutions to problems.
It was quite hot yesterday, about 35 degrees, so thankful for that the air condition was working
After the office, I got home and rested a bit - as I wrote before I think I drank some bad water here, wasn't really feeling 100 % yesterday... Was thinking about forcing myself to go for a run before the dinner for the Oriflame staff later at 7 PM, but went to the beach in Sidi Bou Saïd and had an afternoon swim with a friend instead. I can totally live with this work/life-balance ;-)
Staff Iftar (something you celebrate after Ramadan) at Jonas' gorgeous villa in the evening
During the evening it was Staff Iftar (a feast you celebrate to finish the end of Ramadan) at Jonas' beautiful place and all of the staff except for one was there, some with their children, friends and spouses. Very nice to see everyone outside of the office, especially since I have my desk at the 3rd floor (Oriflame has a ground floor for cashiers, consultants, customer service and warehouse and the 2nd floor for the Sales Team, the 3rd floor management team among others) and don't see some of the staff a lot.
Safa and Jonas - MD & Management Assistant and MD - both of them great!
A majority of Oriflame Tunisia's Management Team! Beautiful and friendly women and colleagues.
Safa has really become a really good friend and colleague here - can't imagine Tunisia without her!
After the dinner, which was delicious au Tunisian style, there was some dancing, photographing, fruits and dessert. Jonas is unfortunately leaving on vacation tomorrow, and so the flowers shouldn't go to waste, me and Safa both got a big bouquet of beautiful flowers with us home. A great evening, which ended with a nice night walk in Sidi Bou Saïd for me and Safa.
Hope you all had just as a great day and are enjoying the last days of June! (Where did this month go??!)


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