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Day 2 in Tunisia - Running and exploring

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Bonjour le blog!
Sorry for no update yesterday. Everything is great here, except for that the internet could be a bit faster. I have gone crazy maybe 40 times since I got here, because it takes so long time to upload photos and even get into the page where you update this blog. Anyway, right now the internet seems to work!
My apartment! One bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, toilet and a big balcony on the backside.
The mosque about 100 m from where I live in Sidi Bou Saïd
Yesterday I woke up by 9 and went out for a loooong 20 km run around Sadi Bou Saïd where I live, and then to La Marsa where me and Safa were yesterday. Today I was out for 3 hours, with obligatory stops to take photos - of course ;-) People were super happy to see me, and many even did thumbs up! Once I didn't know exactly which way to run, I could always stop and ask someone. I love that people speak French here, but am thrilled to learn some Arabic soon.
Beautiful views on my morning run, which turned into a lunch run as well... If it looks like this, I could run forever.
 Met these Tunisian gentlemen who wanted to talk and take a picture while I was running on the beach in La Marsa. They got so concerned about that I was going to run all the way back to Sidi Bou Saïd again, so they insisted on first accompanying me, then giving me money for a taxi, and then bought me a yoghurt so I wouldn't be thirsty when I said I was going to run back anyway. More kind people to the world!
I got back and showered and took a taxi to the carrefoure (the big supermarket) here. It costed less than 4 dinars to get there, one dinar is around 3,8 Swedish crowns. In the taxi I spoke French with the taxi driver, it is really great that most people speak French in Tunisia, except for only Arabic with Tunisian dialect. I really should just have bought a memory card for my new camera, but ended up buying 20 kg of food upon that... Is there something more interesting than to go to supermarkets in new countries?!
In the evening I went to a coffee place with Safa, her boyfriend and her friends. They were all super nice and spoke great English. And man, they can really crack jokes! One of Safa's friends had been working for PWC in Tunis and was going to New York today. Apparently KPMG, EY, Deloitte and PWC are all in Tunisia, someting which anyway didn't really cross my mind.
Something very funny was that everyone were complaining about Ramadan and that it was "so boring" now (none of them were actually "doing" Ramadan in terms of not eating during the day) and that there was no partying going on. So many people have told me "Wait until after Ramadan, then you will see - Tunisia will completely change". Since I really enjoy just sitting outside drinking tea with Tunisians, and learn more about them and about Tunisia, it will be very interesting to see the rhythm change after Ramadan!
By the way, saw an article on LinkedIn about a big charity event that Oriflame organized in Vietnam with SOS Children Village. Being adopted from Vietnam as a baby and having a girl (fadderbarn) at SOS Children Village in Vietnam that my family supported with money for many years, of course makes this even closer to heart for me. For you guys who didn't know that, Oriflame's CSR work is really huge, and Oriflame is so much more than "just" makeup and beauty. Oriflame has changed the life for many women in developing countries all around the world, giving them an opportunity to earn their own money and become more independent. For me as a young woman and for equality and independence, it feels great to be working for a company which shares my values.
More about that and Oriflame's business in another update - I'm super excited to start my internship next week, to learn more about everything, and then tell you guys about it.
Ciao and stay tuned for my next update!


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