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Day 3 in Tunisia - A relaxed day with beautiful views

Publicerad 2016-06-19 01:06:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
Today I went out for another long run and explored more in Sidi Bou Saïd. I think it's around 34 degrees, and actually not too hot in the wind. Tunis has a lot of hills, so it's great training to run up and down - and a nice view who waits for the one who is enudrant enough!
The street where I live, I live to the right just where the stair goes up
A lot of people (mostly guys and men) are on the beach playing football and swim, but it was still not crowded. There are very few tourists here in Tunis and it's very seldom that I see many foreigners here. Today has also been my first day swimming in Tunisia!
 I was supposed to meet Taher from Oriflame to go for a coffee this evening, but it was actually raining (!) a bit a couple of hours ago, so we decided to stay home. Because of Ramadan, many places open up around 9 PM. It actually feels good to have an evening home as well, and take care of things and just relax - probably 2 hour running in the middle of the day and to the beach also contributes to that!
Tomorrow I will go to a new beach with some Swedes who are here in Tunis and later have dinner with Jonas, my boss at Oriflame, who is flying from Sweden tomorrow. It's gonna be interesting to hear about his experience with Oriflame here in Tunis and also get to know more about the projects I will be working at the upcoming weeks!
Good night and sweet dreams!


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