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Day 9 in Tunisia - Medina, catalogue release in Sousse and Swedish Midsummer

Publicerad 2016-06-27 11:41:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Hi all!
Sorry for bad update, this weekend has been way too eventful and interesting to have time to document, unfortuntately - why it's going to be a really good update now instead! Yeay!
During Thursday evening me, Safa and Rami went to Medina, the old town, with their friends. It was really interesting for me to see more Tunisians outside of Sidi Bou Saïd, which I have understood is a better area (or "the best", according to many Tunisians, mainly from Sidi Bou Saïd ;-)). Some women/girls covered their hair and some not. It was a friendly atmosphere and a lot of (in comparison to Stockholm) policemen everywhere, which made it feel even safer.
So, on Friday I went to Sousse with some colleagues at the office, which is a city by the coast about 1,5 h from Tunis. When Oriflame releases new catalogues, organized catalogue releases in different cities (at a nice hotel, as this one for example) is a great way to both promote the new products and to let the consultants learn more about them, ask questions and feel like a "part" of Oriflame.
We left the office in Tunis 9 AM and the catalogue release started around 11.30 PM. Because of Ramadan there were quite few consultants  there (the people who sell Oriflame products are called consultants, because they are also advising people on beauty products and makeup. Oriflame Tunisia organizes several education opportunities in the office building, to educate the consultants from everything on how to use certain makeup to how to use SPA products). Although, I would say it was a certain atmosphere there, and I realized that these women seemed to be very excited about Oriflame and the products, and I really saw the entrepreneurial spirit personalized.
A lot of consultants wanted to take photos with especially Jonas, who seemed to be a bit of a celebrity there. On the photo: Emira (Head of Marketing), a consultant who won a goodie bag during a small competition arranged, Marc (Head of Sales) and Jonas, Managing Director at Oriflame, B-celebrity in Tunisia ;-)
We came back to Tunis around 4.30 PM and then it was almost directly time for a private hosted Midsummer Party. There are just a couple of Swedes in Tunis and the person hosting was actually Norwegian, but everyone seemed very happy to celebrate Swedish Midsummer anyway! Nils, the host, lived in a beautiful villa by the ocean in La Marsa, nice to have a Midsummer with great weather for once - even though many of you claimed that the weather was "actually quite good" in Sweden, I saw your photos and Snapchats... 
Me and Selma, a Swedish girl living in Tunis with her Tunisian husband, whose cozy place I was at dinner at on Tuesday - a completely rain free Midsummer!
After the Midsummer Party I had a coffee with some new friends here in Sidi Bou Saïd. Two of them were working in the U.S. and the other in Germany and the others studying/working in Tunis. It's really sad to hear how young, well-educated people feel that they want/need to leave Tunisia to be able to earn money and provide for their future. Since the revolution when the ex-preisdent left in 2011, things have become both worse and better, as always when things like that occur.
There was a terror attack in Sousse one year ago, where the terrorist killed around 50 tourists during Ramadan - a great way to kill the tourism to the country and make people afraid. As we all have seen during the latest months, things like this can happen anywhere in the world, and from what I have experienced so far, Tunisia isn't at all the dangerous unsafe country that the media choose to present.
Night walk in Sidi Bou Saïd, sitting and watching out over Tunis
So to conclude, you may understand that my everyday life here in Tunisia both is eventful in a professional way and outside of the office. I'm learning a lot of new, useful things for everyday that passes by, and I know that I'm very lucky. And to all of you who read this - visit Tunisia. People here love tourists and so far, I haven't met a single person who has been offensive to me in any way. Just the opposite.


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