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First day in Tunisia

Publicerad 2016-06-17 02:56:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Hi all!
So here is my first update about Tunisia - I was having problems taking the pictures out of my phone for more than one hour and am really tired now (it's 1.30 AM here and it's been a long day), so I'll make it a quite short one.
Yesterday evening I took the plane from Stockholm - Frankfurt - Tunis and arrived 11.30 PM. Taher, a colleague at Oriflame, met me at the airport and we went straight to... eat ice-cream!
A bit tired me and Taher at Ice n Roll 2 AM in the morning
The small place was literally crowded, and I can honestly tell you that it was quite surprising to see all the people, dressed in "western" clothes, showing "ordinary" much skin, and all the house music playing in the background - since it's actually Ramadan and I thought people covered themselves more in Arab countries. When I first came I had a thicker sweater on, whereupon Taher stared at me and asked "You didn't bring any summer clothes?".
From the ice-cream place to my apartment, which is super nice and located in Sidi Bou Said, very close to the ocean - and I feel like I'm more in Santorini than in Tunis... Got to bed 3 AM - ready for the 15 min super loud announcement (!) about that people had to stop eating now, since it's Ramadan, and fell asleep around 3.30 AM.
Me and Safa at a view point in La Marsa, Tunis
After a good night's sleep, this day has been very exciting, mainly thanks to Safa, my colleague at Oriflame, who has taken well care of me. We had lunch by the ocean (apparently only about 60 % of all Tunisians actually stop eating during Ramadan) with an amazing view, and were then sightseeing around before we got changed and went for dinner and tea in the evening.
In the evening we had a walk on the beach and enjoyed the view, sitting and looking out over the ocean
Believe it or not, but actually a former bar (!) at the beach in La Marsa, 100 m from the restaurant where we had dinner
Dinner - People are tired during the day because of Ramadan and eat a lot in the evening!
People in Tunisia come out and relax together with friends and family during Ramadan
Things that were sold on the touristy street on the way up to where we were sitting a couple of hours ago
At a roof top café with Safa and her friends - Tunisians are very warm and welcoming people
So far I have had a really great first day in Tunisia and it feels great to get the chance to get settled a bit before I start my internship on Monday. I feel very fortunate that I got the chance to come here, and I get really well taken care of. I could write meters about my new impressions and all my thoughts about Tunisia that are completely wrong, but that would be... meters. For now, all you should know is that Tunis is a beautiful, safe city, and that people are super friendly (the ones I have met so far, anyway!). My internship at Oriflame couldn't have started better, even though it officially actually hasn't yet started.
Hope you guys liked my first update - it has taken way too long, so I will probably make them shorter in the future (or have another blog, where I'll put all the rest of my 40 photos and movie clips I took today in this beautiful city!).
Good night and stay tuned for more updates!


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