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1. Fist week in Istanbul

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Now almost one week has passed since I arrived in Istanbul - I will take the opportunity to tell you a bit about my experiences so far!

I arrived in Turkey Monday evening(12/6) and got picked up at the airport. It took some time for me to find the driver that was picking me up among all the people outside the airport, but it worked out and I arrived at the hotel that I will be staying at during my 8 weeks here. The first thing I realised about Istanbul was the traffic - everybody are driving like crazy people here and solid road lines are just seen as extra road space that people drive on.  

Me excited at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, and the first view of Turkey from the plane. 
The next morning it was time for my first day at the office. Onur, leading the category department at Oriflame Turkey, picked me up at my hotel and we walked together to the office. He told me that my first two days was going to be a bit different since two people from the global head office in Sweden were visiting. My first two days were therefore filled with meetings, focus groups and other events. I listened and learned a lot about the company during these two days, especially about the fragrance category since it was the fragrance team that was visiting. Now I'm kind of an expert in the conlogne market of Turkey. 
During these days I had the opportunity to try traditional Turkish food in really nice restaurants together with the category team and the Swedish fragrance team, which I enjoyed. So far my favourite meal has been turkish meze consisting of really thin bread, grilled skrewer, chopped tomatoes and turkish youghurt. 
Beautiful flowers that I had on my desk when I arrived and a Turkish meze dinner with the Swedish team where we had the opportunity to try this interesting drink.   
The rest of the week continued with me learning about the company and the business, focusing on how the different teams in the marketing department collaborate and work to create the catalogues. I have also learned about all of the products that Oriflame offer here in Turkey, which is important since I will be working with investigating the products profitability and margin. In my project I will be working with a global team of around eight people planning and investigating how Oriflame Turkey can reach their margin targets of 2021. Next week I will continue to plan the project further together with Onur and then I will start analysing (I will need to improve my Excel skills quick ;)). 
Now I'm going to enjoy my Sunday off here in Istanbul. I'm planning on working out and swim a bit in the hotel pool and then hopefully meet some people down town for dinner. In my next post I will tell you a bit more about my cultural experiences and my first weekend :) 


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