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Anna in Russia - Day X - Got lost in the calendar :)

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My dear readers,

So my “next time” turned out to be way later than I’ve expected and for that I kindly ask you to accept my sincere apologies… but Moscow has taken my breath and my heart away <3

Yet firstly, I have promised to tell the story of the Leaders, who are at the heart of Oriflame’s business.

One of the main lessons I have learned is that motivation and recognition are two core factors needed to keep up the entrepreneurial spirit. Nothing boosts the self-esteem in a positive way as seeing one’s name at the central office of Oriflame in Moscow. Take a peek at the Top 100 Leaders Russia who have realized their dreams with Oriflame.




And this (quite often) is where it all begins – recruitment centre, where people for the first time hear the story from their Sponsors about a unique Swedish company that has changed the life of thousands, if not millions.


Obviously, the exciting extras that make a true Oriflame Leader stand out :)


I think that it’s extremely important to honor the memory of the top leading sales consultant of Oriflame in the world – Tamila Polezhaeva, who sadly passed away. Together with her husband Vladimir, they have inspired hundreds of sales consultants to live their dreams and build business with Oriflame. Today Vladimir and his daughters continue the amazing job and are among the strongest and most significant partners of our company.


And while the Polezhaevi family is the absolute number one Leader, there are uncountable stories of people in CIS & Baltics, who share happiness and gratitude for having Oriflame in their lives. I say this not with the purpose of dull PR, but I say this because I have seen these people and I have heard their true touching stories during the Mega Forum 2012 in Moscow… and I have to admit that quite a few times tears were filling up my eyes.



Their stories is the best proof that determination and entrepreneurial spirit, along with passion and the ability to help others develop, is one powerful philosophy. I sincerely hope that this philosophy will always remain at the heart of Oriflame :)



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