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The last week in Jakarta

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All of a sudden it is our last week here in Indonesia, working for Oriflame. The time has passed by really fast and we are currently finishing up our projects. During our projects, we have worked both practically and analytically, as we have done field market research here in Indonesia and gathered statistical data, which has been analysed and constructed into problem definitions and thereafter suggested solutions. It has been very developing and fun working with these projects, and we are happy with the outcome.


Since we last wrote a post we have visited Yogyakarta - which is a very cultural city with several large temples and amazing rice fields. The week after that we went back to Bali and visited Ubud, which is a town located in the middle of Bali surrounded by jungle and rice fields, and Seminyak, which is a town situated by the coast. This weekend was spent in Jakarta, for the second time since we came here. Apparently, there has been a volcano eruption in eastern Java, which has led to a lot of flights being cancelled - we were lucky we made it home last weekend (without us knowing about it), and it felt safe to stay in the city, which also gave us a chance to see more of Jakarta. We hung out by the pool and saw a movie in 4D cinema, which means that the chairs are moving along with the plot in the movie and both air and some water were sprayed in our faces. 


Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. 

We visited a waterfall in the middle of the jungle in Yogyakarta
 and the impressive Hindu temple Prambanan. 
This was the rice field outside our hotel in Ubud 
and this was another larger rice field located outside of Ubud. 
We had dinner by the beach in Seminyak. 
We usually have our morning coffee and read the Jakarta Post at Starbucks in the office building
and have lunch at the white bar at the office. 
Our colleagues - Winny & Adinda. 
And our workplace. 

On Friday we are leaving for Sweden and we would like to take the opportunity to thank Oriflame and Indonesia for the great adventure we have had the pleasure to experience this summer, including a fun and challenging internship at the Jakarta Office and a lot of travelling around in Asia. We can strongly recommend anyone to apply for this internship, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 


All the best!

/Lydia Graflund & Filippa von Schoultz 



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Nice.Look's like you had a lot of fun.

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