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#14 Fun, but humid weekend

Publicerad 2016-07-11 08:54:03 i Isabella in Shanghai

A very long post, enjoy!
It is monday morning and I am sitting in the office going a lilttle crazy, the keyboard on my computer has stopped working and I cannot turn it on. So right now I am using another one and of course it feels a little weird. Hopefull I can fix the problem, but this computer is fine as well.
This weekend has been quite busy, on fridayI (finally) got to go to Korea tow for some Korean BBQ with some expats, it was so delicious! On top of that, we found out that they had Sulbing, a korean dessert that I have cravevd ever since I visited Seoul last year. The memories, the taste...Wow. I shared a dessert with two other people. We ended up eating the other people's sulbing too, my stomach have a lot of eating experience. After the dessert we went out to a bar and later a nightclub, which had a beautiful terrace. We chatted on the terrace, danced downstairs and just had fun!
Korean dessert, finely shaved ice with topping
Saturday I went to a brunch meetup with a group called GGI (Girl Gone Internaitonal), at a restaurant called Maya. They served mexican food with a hint of chinese influence. I am IN LOVE with their duck quesadillas... It was fun to meet other girls and hear their stories and experiences living in Shanghai. There are many many great things about Shanghai, but the attitude towards women are not one of them. Three of the girls and i got into the subject of sexual harrassment and we all had encountered that in one way or the other here in Shanghai. My experience with a guy getting uncomfortably close while standing on the escalator was by far the mildest one in comparison to the stories of the other girls. One had experienced domestic violence, one had been followed and one physically harrassed by a guy on the street. It made me so mad that it is still so common, not only in Shanghai,  but everywhere in the world.
After the brunch I went to tennis practice. One of the trainers called me 超强 ("Super strong"). I think it might be because they are not used to girls hitting that hard. It felt great to play, but I felt a little off not having played for a long time. when tennis practice was over I went to a club with a friend (Diane) and just danced, music was great that night so we danced pretty much until they closed.
Sunday was a bit more chill, I went for lunch and coffee with a friend (Ning) we spent the majority of the afternoon talking about chinese culture and swedish culture, how different they are. She is Chinese, but she did her master in Oslo so she had some first-hand experience as well. During the evening I went to a meetup called borders and nations, it was a discussion group about immigration which was quite interesting, at the end discussion was quite heated, but that is what makes it fun!
My friend Ning at the restaurant
Happy monday everyone!


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