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Publicerad 2016-07-09 16:25:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Since I've been writing about Oriflame here in most of the updates, I think you already know that I'm very positive to the company, to my colleagues and to my Global Summer Internship here. Something else I could write about, is that I have actually met mothers of friends who are Oriflame consultants - which really puts a face on that "ordinary woman" who sells Oriflame products to inrease here income, besides of doing housework and taking care of the family, for example. It really makes me happy that women, through Oriflame, get a possibility to become more independent and also work with selling products that interests them.
About the Oriflame products, I basically just use Oriflame right now - from skin care, makeup, hair products to perfumes. Therefore, I will now upload a selfie so you can judge for yourself ;-)
I really like the products, and no one has said that I have to write about this. I'm using so much of the Oriflame products right now, and have planned to buy with me even more before my internship is over. On the photo and on a regular daily basis, I use the powder, bronzing powder (really good with bronzing pearls which looks very natural, like a conturing and bronzing in one), mascara (from TheOne, it's really good for my short eyelashes), eyeshadow and eyeliner. I will photo the products and upload here, of Oriflame's products there are different "serials" and product lines.
Actually, felt so relieaved when I tried the products and really, really liked them - I don't really believe in working for something, or selling something, you don't believe in. That mostly don't work out very well ;-) So yes - I can honestly say that I like Oriflame in many aspects, the products, the focus on people in the company and CSR work contributing to that!
The rest of the weekend I will just enjoy, so I can give 100 % on Monday. Today I've been chilling at home, gonna workout in a bit and then clean here, since Safa, Rami and their friends are coming over in a couple of hours before we're going to a pool party here (gonna be quite interesting). Tomorrow will probably be some Tunisian studies on the beah (Tunisian is actually quite easy to learn, I must say), finishing some work and then kickboxing in the evening and dinner. And yes - I know I'm very lucky to have this kind of internship :-)
Bisous from Tunisia!


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