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Day 4 in Tunisia - Last day of vacation

Publicerad 2016-06-19 23:56:00 i Denise in Tunisia

Good evening!
It is 22.38 PM here in Tunis and the children are singing songs and playing football on the street. I just brushed my teeth and got ready for bed - tomorrow vacation is over, and it's time to get to work!
This day started off as great as always - I woke up 9 AM and then went out for my regular long run. The latest days I've run 20 km each day, this morning I only had time for 15 km. Sidi Bou Saïd where I live is located a bit up on a hill, and I ran back to the same beach quite below it as I ran to yesterday. During the night it was actually raining and thundering a lot, so today the water was even clearer than it usually is. The weather was also a bit cooler and actually some clouds in the sky!
The inclining tourist road I run up for every day - actually a lot of tourists today!
This view is absolutely priceless... and meets me every time I have run up for the long, inclining touristic road. So worth it! The beach I ran to today is what you can see below, but more to the right. 
The water was extremely blue today, just had to take a photo!
By 1 PM I met up with some other Swedes and expates here in Tunis to go to a beach further aways, unfortunately had to take a taxi back on the way when I realized that it was 2 hours away and it would be hard for me to make it to the dinner with my boss Jonas at Oriflame this evening. But there will be other opportunities for excursions!
I came back from the dinner with Jonas about one hour ago, we had a nice drive in Tunis and he showed me around a bit and ate at an Italian restaurant. It was really nice to talk with him about career paths and his experience at Oriflame, which was really positive. I will have a project that I will work on, to start off with, and it seems like I will get a really good understanding about the different roles and tasks at Oriflame during my internship. It definitely seems like I'm going to have things to do anyway! ;-)
Over and out, hope you guys all had a great weekend! As you may understand judging by my photos - I'm not really having a hard time to survive over here... 
Sweet dreams,


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